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After purchasing and using the Fujifilm Instax mini neo classic, I learned pretty quickly that I wanted something more substantial in terms of film size the Fujifilm Instax mini film itself was just too small for me. I wanted a picture that was bigger and easier to view so the move to the Fujifilm Instax wide 300 was a very obvious move.

If you are facing trouble of flash of wide 300 camera, then you can cover the Instax wide 300 camera with tape. The tape should be white electrical tape. It will help you to avoid flash issue by far. But be careful of hit, because it can generate  hit that might harm the tape or camera. Just do it properly and also I have another best solution to avoid the flash problem. To know this just read the post.

as at the time of this post, I am all going to discuss Instax wide 300 flash problem and how to deal with it that’s in production from Fuji. So today we’re going to be taking a talk about Instax wide 300 photos also and my overall thoughts on it and some of the problems that I ran into while using this camera.

If you are new or have bought the camera or ordered it, then click here to read step-by-step Guide of using the wide 300 instant camera.

Cover the flash with white electrical tape

It shouldn’t ruin the camera at all — you do run the risk of possibly overheating it if you use it too much (since the tape might hold the heat in), but even that’s unlikely.

The downside is that the camera does seem to use a faster shutter when using the flash (so images might come out darker). When I used the 300, I used white electrical tape to diffuse the flash.. but that’s about all you can do. If you go for the Instax 500AF (import-only) you can disable the flash, but the 300 doesn’t have the same option.

The white will still let some light through but will diffuse it — it won’t make a night and day difference but I did find I got much better results that way! It cuts down the flash output a bit without fully stopping it.

I used masking tape, I never take it off Until I get the next solution for auto-flash. The flash is very harsh without it, but works quite well now that it’s covered.

Don’t use masking tape do it instead

believe me don’t worry about the flash. It doesn’t matter after having read the full post.

I think the flash doesn’t matte for wide 300. Because it is designed especially for this instant camera. I am doing research for you (if the flash might have to cover ) and edit the article more to get the perfect answer “How to avoid flash wide 300”

Here the things should can do to for best performance:

  1. The flash has 3 meters limit that’s mean If your picture distance is over 3 meter you can avoid the flash. just be careful of bright light. The bright light will come out as black spot in the film. It would be best if you do it in the daylight or have proper light adjustment like any event. The event could be Wedding, Birthday or get together. Room light also be helpful to have perfect capture. I have discussed about the proper light adjustment for auto-flash end of this post.

Don’t worry about the distance because the dial will help you to get this. that’s the second best option of this camera.

  1. In case of short distance you can use dial and the L&D button to get best picture. By using the L&D you can play with flash. When you get dark use the L and in case of Dark use the L. What the L&D function would do for you is that it control the exposure for you. If there is dark, by pressing the L will give you bright photo output for you. It will look great after happening this. just remember that too dark is not good for this camera. Same for the Light option, but you have to press L to get better Instax image. Be careful of over-bright, it can ruin your photo.  
  2. To get the perfect distance try to use dial 0.9 meter to 3 meter or 3 to infinity or to get closer use the lens. You can control your capture distance by using the dial smoothly. It is the another best option for Instax wide 300 shooter. Moving distance feature help to get perfect instant photo as you want and it is wide instant camera so that you can get awesome result of output.
  3. Try to use surrounding lights to get perfect Exposure. And it is the best adventure for any camera. If you want as good as result of your instant wide camera then you should learn yourself light effect. That is the best option for me to get rid of wasting film. When you use perfect light say daylight,  will get interested in instant photography.  What kind of light may effect your exposure or instant film? I have discussed some of this matter in this post. Just read it carefully. 

Careful of auto flash function

On the back along with the LCD screen that shows you how many shots you have left and our two buttons. the second button is the flash button which can be used to turn the flash on and off. but one thing to note is that when the camera determines that there is not enough light the flash will automatically be turned on no matter what. there is no way to turn this off.

What to care about while using Instax wide 300 flash ? 

one thing to consider when taking pictures with this camera are to just be mindful of objects. so you’re taking pictures of very bright things like the Sun or even the flash itself reflecting off a reflective surface will turn into a black spot in your final film. So what you are gonna do or what you have to know ?

Don’t take the photo if the light its too bright

if you look at the images that I’ve shown of these different flash photo below, you see that there are black spots in various places. like I said whether it’s the Sun or just a flash or a bright headlight they will all turn to black if is too bright. I think that’s the most annoying thing about this camera from me is the flash because like I said earlier the camera thinks is too dark the flash will automatically turn on and there’s no way around this. 

As the camera does not have the Bulb Mode like Mini 90 has, so It can not capture all kind of light variation as you want. So don’t take the photo if the light its too bright.


 wide 300 flash Bright Headlight

wide 300 flash Bright Headlight

Another Best Example of the Wide camera with using flash is the sun. don’t try to take the photo of sun or moon. it’s not going to give you the result as you want and obviously its not helpful till get the function of digital camera.

Instax Wide 300 Sun Flash

Instax Wide 300 Sun Flash

Instax Wide 300 Bright light

Instax Wide 300 Bright light

Just avoid the Bright light, So you can save your film by ruining them.

Use proper light while capturing  

even though relatively speaking there is a lot of light in the room or the vicinity this feature is understandable. The camera can capture very good photos with room light. That’s why this Camera comes to save a lot of memory. You can use it in the party, convocation, wedding and many places where you get enough light.

Instax Wide 300 Holiday

Instax Wide 300 Holiday

Instax Wide 300 Wedding

Instax Wide 300 Wedding

These photos remind us the live memory. whereas the other digital camera like DSLR can’t make it as like as the Instant camera.




Closer flash can get better result

But my problem is that the camera really overcompensates for the flash and essentially if your subject is closed and the flash actually lights the subject up and you can see it. Everything in the background would turn black. giving it that very cheesy flash clip that really is not very appealing to me. But the image look like 90s photo that very interesting to see like the memory is black.

Instax Wide 300 flash background

Instax Wide 300 flash background

Here you can see that only the focusing people are highlighting. Even in the Digital camera are now using the blur function to get as like as only the focusing subject. If you look it like that, then it is perfect and best as instant camera. Right!

the flash itself is not very powerful as you can see it is very small. so if your subject is about five feet away it will light up the subject fairly well but if let’s say you’re 10 feet 15 20 feet away you can pretty much consider your subject to be black as the flash will not reach them and especially not light them up or have light environment.

So this is the reason you need proper surrounding light adjustment for capturing photos with instax wide 300. If you can understand the situation of light then you are expert of capturing images with Instant Camera.

Use daylight to take better photos

the most frustrating thing for me about this camera is really an inability to handle light and that’s really a problem when you’re using a camera as essentially everything is composed of light. when we look at this camera we have to remember that the lens on the front is a fixed aperture f-14 lens and the film that you’re putting into the camera is ISO 800 and if you understand camera theory and how to take pictures in manual mode this will bring up various problems in your mind.

if you’re shooting in a bright sunny day or just a place that has a lot of lighting, your highlights are going to be completely blown out. if it gets dark and just dusk or night time or just anywhere that’s dark, your shadows and everything is just going to be crushed and everything’s going to show up as black.

Want to get CGI(computer generated image) and Painted image ? Capture in Bright sunny day

When you look at these first photos, you see that they’re overexposed. the buildings are bright and even the faces in the people. situations like these call for the dark mode. The interesting part of this capture is that It looks like CGI mode like movies. People love this stuff very much. You can collect it as best memory like you wanted. Whatever the Image output is, You will like it. In this images below of the building images looks like clear vision 80s movie although it is captured by wide 300 Camera. Building and people are matching with the surrounding light with little flash. 

Instax Wide 300 bright building

Instax Wide 300 bright building

Instax Wide 300 park

Instax Wide 300 park


The man sleeping on photo are the real example of best capture. You can see the building of the background and other light subject with the man’s face and shoes adjusted perfectly. And the dark mode capturing the shadow, other black places and the places that could not reach with the camera.

We’re really even in dark mode, it might not even work as you can see with this Mount Fuji picture dark mode was used but you can barely make out the mountain or the snow on the mountain because it’s just too bright.

Instax Wide 300 Mountain

Instax Wide 300 Mountain

but of course when you’re using dark mode it darkens everything else in the picture too. So the trees are completely crushed and there is no data left to recover. The mountain adjust light automatically with the sky light and the dark subject are getting more dark. As a result, it feels like someone used brush in this instant image. It looks awesome like it is painted with hand.

Don’t get in dark while taking photos

Another situation is when you have a source of bright light like the sky but you’re in shadow like the buildings the camera over compensates for the sky and of course all the shadows are crushed again and there’s really no data within the foreground.

You can see in the photos that the building are dark result. When you take of any photo in the dark with Instant wide 300 You may face problem like this. Because the flash will capture as mush as it can reach. Then what happen is that you will get photos like below.

Instax Wide 300 Shadow and building

Instax Wide 300 Shadow and building

Sometimes you can get nice photo like below depending on light. Actually just be aware of light then you are OK with every instant shoot.

Instax Wide 300 Shadow and building 2

Tricks to get best photo with wide 300

To me this camera should really only be used during the daytime as even when it gets darker during the day. you’re really not going to get anything unless your subject is standing a few feet away from you. and you’re using flash and you want to light them up you’re not really going to see anything, any far away buildings landscape or anything there will be completely Gone. Just really use this during the day but remember if it’s too bright of a day your pictures would be overexposed.

Here is best images, you may like.

Instax Wide 300 best 1

Instax Wide 300 best 1

Instax Wide 300 best 2

Instax Wide 300 best 2

Instax Wide 300 best 3

Instax Wide 300 best 3

All of that being said I loved using this camera it was something that I looked forward to and wanted to do every day and I made myself do every day. I’ve taken at least one picture with this camera every day since I’ve gotten it. even though I have a lot of pictures that are throwaways and not really usable. when you do get that one good picture you know it’s just so rewarding and you’re just looking at this Polaroid as like man. that’s a really good looking picture and and it’s something that I don’t think that can be replicated on the digital camera or my Sony or anything else because it is just the Fujifilm Instax picture and it just it is what it is.


There are lot of questions about film like-

Can I take the film at airport ? Can I cut the film or Can I use Expired film ? etc. I have written a full review of all film- mini, square and wide. You can read my review and choose whatever you want and this is also my recommendation for buying. CLICK HERE TO REVEAL THE FILM HISTORY, THEN BUY.


There are lot of features in Instax Camera. Every camera has their own unique quality and settings. But what suits you best and what feature do you like most or do you like mini , square or wide format. There are lot of confusion might come to before buying the camera.

After buying the Instax camera, you always look for another feature that might not have that particular camera. Then you regret for that.

So I have researched all of the Instax camera and discussed all the camera individually so that you can understand better which one is better for you to buy.

So buy the camera after learning a bit more about Instax Camera. CLICK HERE…..TO READ CAMERA REVIEW.


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