At first, I want to start with basics Guide.

Let’s talk about another new & advanced level mini Instax camera. Here Let’s talk about every details of the mini 11 camera from the beginning.

Instax mini 11 instruction & guide

Instax mini 11 camera comes with

  1. more clarity
  2. more style
  3. more compact
  4. more night & day
  5. more simple selfie

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 entails an entry-level which is fresh while the camera is instant. It comes from Fujifilm and works with the Instax Mini 9 refinement.

Similar to what the name suggests, the camera has the capacity of making use of the format of the Instax Mini film.

Go through this review with Instax min 11 Camera Complete Instruction & Manual.

Their overall improvements entail Selfie mode which has great auto exposure when the comparison is made to the products that were in the predecessor.

Contrary to the siblings with a higher-end, the Mini 90, Mini 70, and Mini 25/26 come with no form of extra special features and exposure modes.

With this information in mind, you will find the camera is simple for all people to operate. Again, it can produce unique and lovely images whose lighting conditions are different.

Note : If you want to learn more tips and tricks for Instax Mini 11 camera like Double Exposure, silhouette, Then Read my Instax Mini 9 article about them, Most of the tricks are the same.

Instax mini 11 Camera – dark mode

with automatic Exposure, Now it’s easy to get Bright photo anywhere.

The high-performance flash automatically calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed accordingly — no need for any special settings.

Instax mini 11 Camera – dark mode

Basics of Instax mini 11 camera

Instax mini 11 basic parts introduction

Instax mini 11 camera instruction

Instax Mini 11 entails a straightforward product that is easy to use. Thus, it is the most ideal choice that kids would ever consider using.

You should press the button found next in the lens and the pop-out will take place with ease.

Ensure the cameras are switched on by hitting the shutter button located on the viewfinder and therefore taking the desired photo.

When you finish, the lens ought to be pushed back, especially in the body and afterward, the turning process takes place.

Its camera comes with a selfie mode and a small selfie mirror located in the lens front.

For you to ensure you get in the mode engagement, ensure you get to pull the lens front in the outward until you see the word ‘Selfie on’.

Main Advantages

• 35mm retractable with an equivalent of F12.7 lens

• Exposure control is fully automatic

• Has different shutter speeds

• Lens front has a selfie mirror

• Close-up/selfie mode

• Auto frame unique counter

• Powered using AA two batteries with 10 packs and 100 shots for every batteries set

How to take picture with Instax mini 11

As you take pictures, you do not have to consider opening the back cover until in the case where the whole film is used up. In this case, the whole of the film will have exposure to a white turn and thus will never get used again in any instance.

1. When the battery is fully loaded, ensure you press on the power button and afterward get to turn the camera on

The barrel comes with a lens with the capacity to extend the charging and flash lamp blinks which helps to light to take place with ease.

taking picture with Intax mini 11 picture guide 1
taking picture with Instax mini 11 picture guide 2

2. Get to hold on to the camera and later look in the camera viewfinder

This way, you will get to frame the camera with the desired composition and later press the present shutter button. There is no instance when one will press the button, especially in the case where the flash engages in the charging process.

3. There is a topping of the sound with ejected tops

In this case, you will succeed in grasping the ejected film edges and later remove the whole film out. Again, there is a decrease in numerical order which helps in the count down of 10 inches.

4. After taking all the photos, the camera should be turned off through a push of the back in the lens barrel

In the case where you realize the camera is malfunctioning, the batteries ought to be removed especially while the power is switched on. Again, get to reinsert and as well reset the whole camera.

How to take selfie with Instax Mini 11

Simply pull out the lens to instantly switch to Selfie Mode!

For the switch to take place from the selfie mode and get to the normal shooting mode, ensure you get to turn the camera off. All the lenses ought to be pushed and the barrel will be back and will get to turn on once more with ease.

Taking of Pictures

When a shooting takes place, especially in the selfie mode, it is best to take pictures with the aid of a front selfie mirror. This way, you will get to confirm the whole exposure,

How to take selfie with Instax Mini 11 Camera picture guide 1
How to take selfie with Instax Mini 11 Camera picture guide 2

1. Pulling Out of the Lens to Ensure there is an Appearance of the Selfie on Mark

2. Securely hold the camera using two hands. This way, it will face either 30 to 50 cm on the lens end.

3. The composition ought to be confirmed as you use the selfie mirror. Again, you should push the whole shutter for you to take photos with a lot of ease.

Another Guide for Selfie

selfie mode example of Instax Mini 11 Camera

Distance for Selfie Mode and Normal Mode

While in the normal mode, it is best to grasp pictures at the 0.5 m distance of the subject. Flash range is effective and has an approximate of 2.7 m.

You should get to hold the camera much closer compared to the 0.5 m from where the subjects have been placed.

In this case, ensure you are using great selfie mode. The role of the selfie mode is to help in the capturing of close-up using the 30 to 50 cm range.

How to take Closeup Shot with Instax Mini 11 camera

Closeup Taking

When a shooting takes place with a selfie mode, you will succeed in moving the camera close to the subject and thus get to take the close-up

1. Pulling out of the barrel lens until a mark known as SELFIE ON appears

2. Get to hold the camera to ensure the viewfinder O marker gets to appear

Closeup shot with Instax Mini 11 camera
Closeup shot with Instax Mini 11 camera Example

Usability – What Need To Consider using Instax Mini 11

There are many cases where the camera stays in a vertical orientation. For this reason, the camera is great for use at all times, especially for portraiture.

In the case of the viewfinder, it is quite small because of the use of the format and Instax Mini cameras.

You will find the shutter button bumps with a lot of ease while bumping accidentally takes place.

Their film has a high cost which is as well-known as the bummer.

Another thing, the Fujifilm entails two different accessories while the shutter can release affix present on the button through the help of the tape which is double-sided.

Another thing, there is a glow that is present in the dark. In the case of installation, the product is quite tricky and after the attachment, there will be a pop-off on the unintended frame.

Also in usability, the overall selfie mode mechanism is quite hard for all people to engage and as well get to feel like it is a camera fail point.

There needs some force which is necessary for forward yanking of the lens, especially in a selfie mode.

This way, you will succeed in the retract of the lens after one engages in the selfie mode, especially in a fiddly affair.

What is the Image Quality of Instax Mini 11

Image Quality

The Mini 11 image quality is good compared to the peer products. Besides, the camera can handle the ambient light balance with the help of flash output easily, especially in many shooting scenarios.

Another thing, the shutter speeds are variable while there is a slow on the synchro flash.

Another thing, it is versatile while the lighting is tricky compared to Mini 9. You will love the 1/60 sec and a shutter speed which is fixed.

When a shooting takes place on a bright day, there is a great inability of turning off all the flash, especially from the fire which has a lot of annoyance.

You will not find any infinity mode and thus there will be no shots, particularly in the case where is subject is further away and thus there is a great tad soft.

Similar to most of the mini and Instax cameras, you will find that Mini 11 will succeed in the production of high-quality images to aid in moderate and good lighting conditions.

All the subjects have a relative with a close distance. When shots are taken in low light, they will be much darker compared to the desires of all people.

It is in this case that one needs exposure compensation. For instance, the Mini 70 and Mini 25/26 offers a mode with a high key and one whose exposure compensation entails +2/3rds.

Taking Photos Precautions Using Instax Mini 11 Camera

• Be careful to ensure the strap or the finger never gets to appear in any instance. Besides, make sure no coverage takes place in the film ejection slot, lens, flash lamp face, AE light sensor, and flashlight sensor.

• Hold the camera is the right way. This way, the flash lamp face will be found on the top and will thus guide you to take horizontal pictures.

• Never take pictures, especially in locations that have forbidden flash photography.

• Never hold the lens barrel as you hold the camera. Finished photos are likely to have an adverse effect.

• Check the viewfinder to ensure the O mark is located at the center of the viewfinder.

• Ensure you never get to touch the lens by pressing the shutter button.

Safety Precautions

Never use the product for other purposes rather than taking photos.

The design of the product puts safety in mind at all times. For this reason, ensure you get to read all safety precautions.

When you read the User’s guide, place it in a place that is simple to access. In this case, you will refer to it at all times whenever there is a need.


The role of the warning gives a great indication which is likely to lead to serious injuries or even death, especially in the cases where it is incorrectly handled or ignored.

There is no anytime you should ever consider disassembling the product. In this case, electric shock is likely to take place.

Never get to touch the product, especially on the inside. Exposure takes place due to the present droppings. Again, there is a high voltage in the product whose circuitry is likely to bring electric shocks.

In case you find there is something abnormal that takes place like the hotness of the camera or smoke emission, get to remove the batteries fast.

There is no time there will be flash photographs, especially on the people who get to ride bicycles, drive cars, ride the horse and engage in skateboarding.

When the camera is dropped in water and other metals are on the inside, there should be immediate removal of batteries.

There is no time when one should get to use the camera in areas that have flammable gas, in open benzene or gasoline.

The paint is thinner while the substances are unstable and thus result in dangerous vapors.

When this fails to be done, there is a likelihood of fire or even explosions.

At all times, ensure the product is kept out and out of reach by both the small children and the infants.

Never disassemble heat batteries, or as well get to consider putting them in the fire. Also, never consider Putting them in an electrical short circuit.

Does the Instax mini 11 cases fit the 9

The Instax mini 11 fits the mini 11 case and not the mini 9 case.

Does the Instax mini come with a film?

The Instax mini does not come with any film. You will find out that each of the different shots comes with a photo.

Again, there is a little mirror from which you will get to view all that is taking place.

Does Instax mini 11 need batteries

The Fujifilm Mini 11 entails 200 updates on the classic instant and Instax’s film camera.

These cameras are the most affordable and come with the “Mini” range brands.

Again, there ate AA batteries which help in the printing of sized and credit card photos.

Does Instax mini 11 save photos

The cameras which belong to the Instax line work much similar to the old-school Polaroids.

Thus, there is a picture that will end up popping up the picture through the button push.

Many of the different cameras have the capacity of offering similar benefits to those of digital cameras and cell phones.

Thus, all the photos will be edited and later get saved on the SD card, and later sharing takes place on social media.


• Simple to use

• Two AA powered batteries

• Over predecessor has improved auto exposure

• No exposure compensation and creative modes

• Simple to hit the shutter accidentally before installation of the accessory button

• Fragile mechanism which helps in engaging of the ‘Selfie Mode’

• Flash is fired at all times


Instax Mini 11 is a great product for people who seek to use an instant camera that is easiest to use.

You now have the Instax min 11 Camera Complete Instruction & Manual.

Again, the instant film format is the most popular product you would ever come across.

The auto-exposure is more reliable.

For all people who desire something which comes with creative control, it is best to spend more bucks and thus acquire Instax Mini 70 that are feature-rich and thus ideal for use by all people.


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