What close-Up lens does for you ?

Obviously, When you think of closer shot image or selfie with Instax wide 300, Then you should use Close up lens to get more sharper shots to capture. In case you are not familiar with Instax wide 300 various way of closer shots, then you are in the right place. If you know the basic use of close up lens, here you might find in dept of different way using close up lens and selfie mirror.

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First, Close up lens does shoot closer & clear image for you. So that’s why it is chosen for selfie too. Although The wide camera has auto function for getting High Quality picture while capturing closer shot with Close up lens or selfie lens, after using some techniques can get you obvious result for every shot. The selfie mirror helps to get the perfect gesture for taking selfie. Another important part of Close up lens is parallax that I am going to discuss more in this post.

How to Use Close-Up Lens – Wide 300

We also have inside the contents a close-up lens attachment. The way it, of course, works is that it changes the attaches right to the frontier. It just clips on and as you can see you have a little piece with little target point in the front and it’s really an alignment to the viewfinder.  As you look through it you can use this as a new focus point because of course when you attach this close-up lens onto it, the focus distance changes.

attachment lens 1 wide 300

attachment lens 1 wide 300

How does Lens work on Wide 300 ?

Alright let’s talk about basic use of close-up lens attachment. After attaching close-up lens, it’s going to focus closer than 0.9 meters. So how to put it on the camera ? First, turn on the camera and then hold edges of lens and just pop it on the front. Just be careful of not touching the lens in case you get it dirty.

You will find that it kind of is easy for twist. Don’t want it to twist? Please don’t be wary of it, it won’t break if you get expert. You gotta turn it until you feel it snap into right place. Right place means the alignment with the viewfinder. Because of you can see there is a little arm that sticks out. This is the main thing that is going to get the center point of using closer shot. You get the proper composition when you’re using this lens.

So you have to make it to right place by turning it. If it’s not in the right place where it should be, you’re not going to get the right composition. By making sure getting it to pop into place, you’re ready to go.

What distance are you going to get after attaching close-up lens ? The obvious answer is up to 0.4 meters or 40 cm. So you can see, it’s quite a bit closer. Make sure your setting of camera is 0.9 to the 3 meter. Otherwise, if you are not on 3 meters range which you can see on dial, it’s not going to work properly.

Attach the lens but before you do that Switch on the camera before you attach/detach the close up lens. Otherwise the lens cover may not work correctly. Alight the little circle with viewfinder.

Set the photographic distance to short-distance ( 0.9 m – 3 m ).

attachment lens 2 wide 300

1. How to Use Parallax for Close Up shot ?

So as you go further and further back that issue becomes less and less apparent. so if you do a lot of close-up shots just make sure that you you deal with the parallax correction.

Because what you see through there not necessary is being captured through the lens itself. That’s why you have close up lens. when you attach the close-up lens you have this extra circular piece that helps you position the the focus point for the camera so that you don’t have a misalignment when it comes to taking that shot.

attachment lens wide 300

attachment lens wide 300

When you attach the close up lens, insert it straight into the camera so that the tabs are to the left and right.

Select object closer maximum 3 meter if possible more closer. Hold the camera to the object and align the viewfinder with little circle and take the “O”  point. Then take the shot. What’s the interesting matter of close up lens is that, it will get you shot as close as you want. While taking shot closer, you have to learn a simple think of focusing circle or point. It will always be helpful for getting the right focus. As it lets you focus in closer on a smaller object and make it a bigger part of your frame that is really wonderful.

In shooting far away it doesn’t matter but for much closer shot, you should be aware of parallax.

But using the close up lens little circle alignment, every shot of closer subject will be right in the middle of the frame.

Close up shot wide 300

Close up shot wide 300

Focus the target spot of the close up lens on the object. Use 40 to 50 cm distance to take perfect shot. Always remember when you take more close shot target the object with close up lens align with viewfinder.

The first shot was take normal just only using the view finder so that the picture does not get middle frame. But the for the other shot used viewfinder align with Circle of close-up Len and those got middle frame for the picture.

wide 300 Parallax Shot

wide 300 Parallax Shot

wide 300 Parallax Shot

wide 300 Parallax Shot

wide 300 Parallax Shot

wide 300 Parallax Shot

How to Use of Viewfinder for Parallax Shot? 

When you look through the viewfinder of course you’ll see that there is a circle right in the middle. So you want to make sure that when you are composing the scene. If the subject very close, you’re going to have a pair lock because what you’re framing through this glass is not the same as what’s being captured on the lens.

The Special build-in feature with Wide 300 is Viewfinder. I have been always talking in this article about one really cool thing is the automatic-feature of wide 300 is the View-Finder. Do you know what the viewfinder actually is going to do ? After you put the dial meter to 3 meter, the viewfinder helps you to target closer subject perfectly. This is quite different from others Instax camera. If you can target easily align with circle and viewfinder, the shot will be right place and centered.

Actually it is combination feature of viewfinder and close-up lens circle. They perform better and even best for taking cloer shot. So that is why it is one of the best feature of wide 300 camera. Only viewfinder is going to tell you about your shot. You also can guess how would it look like after taking the shot. So for this you get best closer shot with close-up-lens.

After having put the close up lens on to the camera, it will let the viewfinder help detecting the subject. You just align the circle to viewfinder that is going to help you to get the perfect shot for your closer subject.

NOTE: So now if you’re going to take you a shot of something close up. Then you look through the viewfinder and you’ll be able to see this little arm through the viewfinder. That is the circle target what you’re going to want to put on top of your subject and that’s going to get them centered in the frame.   

So there’s definitely a learning curve in terms of getting the composition with this. Because of that close-up lens, it’s different than just what’s in here. But you’re going to figure it out. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about it just practice.  

2. How to Use Selfie-mirror & take Selfie? 

Selfie Mirror is the most interesting part of Close Up lens. It attaches with the close up lens, So you can take selfies with this big giant camera. So again, This is what you are going to use for better selfie. Just hold it and see yourself on the mirror and take the shot. That’s so easy. It can be little tricky but you’ll figure it out. Just put film in the camera and take a shot so that you get the full experience with the wide 300 instax camera.

So again, top of lens attachment you also have a little mirror which is a self-mirror as you would see. It helps you frame your shot that you’re definitely centered into it if you’re going to do some selfies with the Instax wide camera.

selfie 1 wide 300

selfie 1 wide 300

Take the selfie using the attach lens. Use the 40 to 50 cm distance to get perfect selfie shot. You can check composition while shooting self-portraits using the self-portrait mirror.So that just clips the close up lens right into the front of the lens. First shot let’s just do a selfie. Okay so you are going to set it up to do a close-up and then just take a little selfie yourself. so you set it your face onto that little mirror the film will come up.

selfie 2 wide 300

selfie 2 wide 300

When you have done the close up shot & selfie shot, Turn the close up lens gently to detach it.

This is the best expression of taking wide selfie. This picture was taken in Italy and it was great moment. You don’t need any setting if you can get best expression of yourself. No extra function was chosen capturing this photo. Just adjusted the close-up lens and see portrait on the mirror and took action with amazing smile.

wide 300 selfie lens

wide 300 selfie lens

You can not ignore the beauty of large wide film. You would cry when you see this kind of result first time. I never forget this memory because I have seen expression of myself there in my own hand. That’s really cool.

When a person visited fearless conference amsterdam. He had been surprised by all the photographers there and especially by the fearless team consisting of sergio. She had learned lot of quotes on photography there. Then I learned that Capturing the smiley moment is a magic trick in life.

Close up lens wide 300

Close up lens wide 300

What is like about photo-shooting is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever. Impossible to reproduce. This is the real smile of Sister Antics. You might not reproduce the moment that’s why the memory is rewindable and make you feel good when you feel with your hand.

3. Lighten and Darken with Close up lens

L&D feature is also nice for wide 300 for adjusting brightness of subject. In case of dark use the L and for the overlight situation use the D. L&D control the exposure as you want. What is going to do is that by pressing L will give you more bright photo output for dark situation. On the other hand D will give you more dark photo output for overlight situation.

Too much dark is not good for this camera and it could be same for bright situation. So avoid taking shot on overbrigh and overdark moment.

L&D is the coolest feature of wide 300 Instax camera. You can use L&D with closer shot even with selfie based on situation. At first you should know about L&D and what it does for you shots.

Selfie with Darken Mode- In very bright situation like middle of the day- you want to make a group selfie with your friends. It doesn’t matter what the event is. Take it and just careful of using with D mode time. What the Darken mode is going to is that it helps to get less light in the film so that it only get the portrait of selfie mirror. Yes, that is very easy. So that’s why the Lighten and darken mode is very essential part of wide 300 camera.

Selfie with Darken Mode Wide 300

Selfie with Darken Mode Wide 300

On the picture you can see the best moment of having friends and colleagues and the mode is on. They don’t care what is the Brightness situation is. So with the little bit of knowledge of using the Lighten and Darken, you can always get the best shot.

Selfie with Lighten Mode- On the other part is Lighten mode. You think that you can get the best moment this time and you want to capture it on the film. So you take the camera and thinking about nothing of situation, just took the shot. Then what happen is that it was night and you think it should have gotten more light to get better clearance. But you already late of using the moment.

So that’s why you need the Lighten mode to get more light into the lens so that the film get more brightness. And here is the aha moment for you. By pressing only the L mode you get more sharper picture.

Selfie Lighten Mode, Bari, Italy

Selfie Lighten Mode, Bari, Italy

Here in the picture, you can see the beautiful result by wide 300. Now what do you think is that yes this is cool. Actually this film will get you more life into you and that makes you happy every time when you see this. Anyway in this picture the force flash had been used so that it can get more light. Although the flash is auto for wide 300, by pressing this made sure of flashlight.

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4. How to adjust flash for closer shot or selfie ?

As the flash has 3 meters limit that’s mean if your picture distance is less than 3 meter you can not avoid the flash. So always be careful of bright light of flash while shooting closer shot. If you don’t aware of it, the bright light will come out as black spot in the film. The best use of wide 300 camera is daylight or in the situation that have proper light adjustment. It can be any event like Wedding, Birthday or Get Together Party.

The camera feature is amazing in any kind of event. You can take shot of Birthday cake or any selfie. Those pictures would be really memorable after capturing those. People really like this. You also can use flash button to make sure the flash does work properly.

In night mode, you can use force flash so that it get perfect output. Just use force flash by pressing flash button to make sure the flash on so that you get bright picture output. You might get many situation in night and you are in mode then do it. The wide 300 camera works great every time. It can shoot if it is selfie in the night in the club, dark road, evening or night shopping time.

wide 300 night selfie with force flash

wide 300 night selfie with force flash

Here you can see that the picture does not get blurred and get perfect shot with the help of flash. By using the close up lens and force flash, it had got awesome output.

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