Instax mini 9 battery and cover

Instax mini 9 battery and cover

People who use Instax mini 9 always confused about the battery issue. So I decide to write another article on instax mini 9 batteries. So if you read this article, you will know almost all of battery problem, troubleshooting, battery cover and battery life and more as a extra topics like how to load batteries and also buying tips. So let’s start.  

If you are using Smart phone, it’s not a big issue. Because it will say automatically your battery is out of charge or down. Then you can decide what to do. But if you don’t be aware battery of Instax camera it can permanently destroy your camera in a moment. If your camera or battery become too hot and you don’t remove the batteries immediately, it can burn the camera. Only the battery can cause not turning on the camera, blank picture output, overexposed and many issue. But knowing some tips, you can get rid of all of this issue instantly.

What batteries for instax mini 9

Instax mini 9 use alkaline batteries of the same brand AA batteries only. So you should only use alkaline batteries. But what happen if you use other than alkaline batteries. By doing this, you will face several kind of problem like warm of the camera or hot issue like electric shock and more.

So if you think batteries is not a issue than you are wrong. Your camera can even damage only for the battery issue.

OK, you will ask question that why that is happening ? The answer is almost all of the Instax camera depend on batteries. Do you know Instax mini 9 use also some electricity for taking every shot and after turning on the camera.

There are so many chemical you will find on every film to built a photo after shooting. If you don’t use better quality batteries for instax mini 9, it is possible you might get blur or some overexposed shot with film.

Another issue is that the flash. Flash consume so many battery power for giving you the best shot. So the batteries need to be always healthy to capture the better shot.

I think I made you understand importance of Instax mini 9 batteries and how this is important to choose the right ones all the time. So after researching a lot, i am talking this batteries issue to you. Just read the article, you will find more interesting and important factor of batteries.  

How long does instax mini 9 battery life last ?

Instax mini 9 camera can shoot about 100 pictures. It is true only for new batteries. But the life of the batteries also depend on how you use your camera. Suppose you stay open the camera for long time and you didn’t took any shot, that’s way you will lose some battery charge also.

I recommend you not to take more than 80 to 90 pictures using a brand new Two double AA batteries. So you can avoid losing money and prevent bad picture output. You can also use rechargeable battery but make sure your battery have enough charge to get shot.  

There are also another issue is the cold problem. The batteries performance can be reduce if it is cold. In this case, warm up the cameras before using the camera. It might happen you are at winter situation or rainy day, then the performance of the camera would not be better that time. It might overexposed your picture or you film might come out blank. In this case you lose some print with money. So you need to be careful about batteries.

How to Load AA Batteries into Instax mini 9 ?

OK, first question is that how to put your battery in your camera.  if you buy your first Instax camera, you will get batteries to load into your camera with box. But now you know the importance of the batteries for your camera. First buy new alkaline batteries of the  same brand (AA only). In case of mini 9 use only alkaline batteries not others brand.

After setting up the process, push up the battery lid lock, then slide off the battery cover. Now you are ready to put the batteries in. Now insert tw AA batteries matching( + and – ) sign Polarities. Now slide on the battery lid to close. That’s way you are finished with the battery loading into your camera. Now you are ready to enjoy Instax shooting.

Inserting batteries

Inserting batteries

Can you get instax mini 9 battery cover ?

Yes, you can get battery cover as you like. But the price is vary on different manufacturer and color and quality. You will get $4 to $17 price battery door for you instax mini 9 camera. All the battery door cover designed for Instax mini 9 camera.

When you buy the battery cover for instax mini 9, I think it will be better performer for your mini 9 camera. Because it is especially design for this camera. But I am also upset about the price and the good news is you can choose the price according to your budget.

Just make sure you read the description or some review so that you can get solid and durable battery door cover. Normally the batteries are premium hard EVA material, exquisite workmanship and easy to set up or remove. You will also get different color of instax mini 9 battery cover. That’s way you can get perfect battery door for your camera.

So if your original battery door break down or something happen to it, then it is the best way to replacement for your original one. You can cover your battery and save it.

Why should you use battery cover ? If you don’t cover your battery that can harm your mini 9 camera and also ruin your film caused overexposed result. That’s is why Battery cover is a indispensable accessory for Every Instax camera. So if you battery cover is broken down, than use durable replacement battery door cover.

Battery Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues with your mini 9 batteries. Use this tips to avoid battery related problem with your Instax camera.

  • If you take more than 80 or 90 pictures from your camera, then you should replace to new batteries immediately. Doing this, you can save film to ruin picture.  
  • Always use alkaline batteries to avoid battery and camera problem.
  • It’s also recommended that during the winter, you take out your batteries and keep them safe from cold. When you use again the camera, then use battery.
  • The batteries won’t need to be changed or recharged as often while they’re idle, and you can avoid frozen batteries this way. After all, no one want to be unpleasant to their batteries.
  • Do not let batteries overheat. If they do, there’s a chance they could warm up the mini 9 camera that can permanently destroy your camera. It might happen surprisingly to your camera, you should remove the battery immediately to save your camera.
  • Make sure the both the positive and negative are install correctly to your camera to start the camera properly.
  • Make sure batteries are stored in a safe, secure place and well out of the reach of any infants, young children or pets. Improper
    storage could result in a child swallowing a battery. (If a child swallows a battery, call a doctor or a hospital right away.)
  • Make sure that the battery + and – polarities are installed correctly in the camera. A damaged battery or electrolyte
    leakage may cause a fire, injury, and contaminate the environment.
  • When using the camera, make sure that the battery cover is attached; otherwise, you may be injured.
  • Never take apart the batteries. Do not subject them to heat, throw them into an open fire, or attempt to short-circuit them.
    Doing so could result in the batteries exploding or splitting open causing burns or fire.
  • If your camera gets wet or if something such as pieces of metal get inside, remove the batteries right away to avoid heat
    buildup or a fire starting inside the camera.

You camera batteries don’t last forever. To change them, you need to learn the some battery issue for getting better picture. So you should be careful of battery level to avoid risk for your camera. Now you know more about your batteries and its trick as well as basic troubleshooting that will always help you to get better Instax camera user.

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Swapnali raje · December 6, 2018 at 1:21 pm

I have bought instax mini 9 camera also the film. I took pictures from it. now I want to take pictures after 3 days so should I take off the batteries from the camera or let it be inside the camera. I’m confused. I am afraid if the let the batteries inside the camera for three days then it will reduce its battery life. what should I do

    admin · December 6, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    In case of batteries, you can remove batteries and keep it cool and dry condition. That’s way you can save battery and camera life much better. So the answer it, you should remove the battery from the camera.

    There are many way to save battery, camera and Films. Read the complete guide by reading this article.
    Click here…. 15 Best Instax films you must try and Guide to use them

Rachel · December 25, 2018 at 8:26 pm

Brought my daughter the Instax Mini 9 camera we used the batteries that came with it. When she takes pictures they do not print, we changed the batteries and it printed the next picture we took and meshed the two together!
Are we doing something wrong?
Please can someone help?

    admin · December 26, 2018 at 11:37 am

    If you are new at Instax Photography, at first; you need some basic knowledge of Instant film.

    Click here to read full Guide of using film: Click here…. 15 Best Instax films you must try and Guide to use them
    If you don’t find out the problem, then you need to email to Website.

alexis · May 3, 2019 at 3:18 pm

im just wondering… if im not going to use the instax can i remove the batteries on it? then put it back when im going to use it??? Answer me please

    admin · December 2, 2019 at 3:33 am

    Yes. you can… Sorry for late reply.

Honey Rhel Somosot · July 2, 2019 at 6:09 am

can i use any brand of alkaline AA batteries? or there’s one brand specific for instax. please help. i bought my instax on shopee, i bought it by set and the batteries are not included. i dont know what to do because its my first time to have instax. thanks

    admin · December 2, 2019 at 3:26 am

    Yes …. I think you can but I never tried it. You can experiment it as a research.

Tania Crill · October 14, 2019 at 12:10 am

After changing the batteries in my Instax mini 9, all of the lights are still blinking. How do I correct this problem?

    admin · December 2, 2019 at 3:24 am

    May be this is internal problem. You can ask this question to . They have very good support system.

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