This all article is collected from difference source of Internet like website, YouTube channel and personal research. I appreciate them all to learn from them.

One of my best collection is from Photography concentrate. They are awesome at photography. I am actually inspired by them first. Thanks to them to step me into photography.

Second is the FujiGuys. These guys are doing great job with all camera based on Fuji Industry. I love them also. Thanks for the review that they are making. You can find them on YouTube by Clicking Here.

Another guy is The Upper Left Usa.  He is one of my favorite because he always talk with Negative and positive of all camera review. Thanks to him I have learn how to avoid mistake.

Also there have another Blog based on instant camera name instantcamerablog. This website is awesome to learn the basic to advance Instax or Polaroid photo-shoot as well as review.

There have more source of learning which is really helpful for me. Thanks to all with my Great heart.