Hi instant lovers. I am back again here from instant photography- I mean Instax-World. Today I’m going to be doing the ultimate guide to the Fujifilm-Instax-wide-300. That’s camera right here in my Blog You will see. It’s an instant film camera. I’m going to be showing you what you get, where to buy it with all the features and how to get great shots out of it.   

First, I am going to talk how to use instax wide 300 and its different function. Second, I am will discuss about lens and how to use lens in wide 300. Third, Another feature of wide 300 is the selfie mirror and its use. Four, How to load film in Instax wide 300 and it use. 

If you already have the instax wide 300 Camera, You must face the flash problem with it. I have discussed the flash issue and how to overcome with it in another article. You can visit this link to read the article.

How to Overcome AutoFlash Issue of Instax Wide 300

It’s going to be awesome. So, let’s get started. Alright so let’s start off with some very quick speech. The Instax wide 300- you can get it reasonable price on Amazon. If you don’t have it go to Amazon and buy.   

Ok, let’s move on to Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Camera. It shoots Instax wide film that’s the wide stuff. We will discuss right here. The Instax Wide 300 do not get instant mini-film or do not get the instant square film, it only gets the wide film because that’s all that will work with this camera.  

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 tips

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 tips

Now it’s an instant film camera. So very basically, you are taking a shot and pops the film. Necessarily, you only have the wide film for every shot for you to take. So, take care of it.  

But that’s the fun of this Wide Camera. It’s kind of magical. You can share it, you can put it in the fridge. I love the Instax wide format. It’s really big especially compared to the Instax Mini for comparison. The Instax wide- you can see it is twice as big and that is a really really big the benefit of going with this camera. Because this film is really substantial. It looks great, it’s fun to give, so let’s dig into more about the Instant Wide Camera itself. 

Alright, so when you buy this camera – you get

  • obviously the camera  
  • you get four double A batteries included which is what it takes to power it
  • you get the close-up lens attachment with the selfie mirror. we’re going to go over how to use this in a bit and you get a very sniffing neck strap because it is a fairly hefty camera. So, you are probably going to want to use this.   
  • Ok cool, you do not get the Instax wide film. So, make sure when you put this in your shopping cart, you also add some film. Otherwise, you will be very sad that you can’t play with it right away.   

If you didn’t buy this Instax Wide camera yes. Grab you camera through my recommendation link here.

Color & TypeVisit Details On Amazon
Bundle pack
NOTE:-[ Don't forget to Buy Film along with the Camera ]

Instax wide 300  – How to use  

Alright now we’re going to run through the camera, its manual and all the features that it has. Basically, it’s a pretty simple camera. So, this isn’t going to take too long but it is important to know this stuff. So, you know how to use it and get the best out of it.  

If you are new or have bought the camera or ordered it, then click here to read step-by-step Guide of using the wide 300 instant camera.

  • Now for starters, the viewfinder which is on the Camera is also awesome. So, you’re just looking straight through it. You must put it up to your eye. There is a circle in the center of that viewfinder that targets that’s going to help you compose your shots and know where the center of your frame. That’s very usable.   
  • And what else do we have with this? We have a tripod socket on the very bottom. So, you can put this on a tripod if you want. We have a flash right here now the flash is automatic. You cannot turn it off. It will go when the camera thinks it should go. 
  • Instax Wide 300 Camera has an effective range of about 3 meters which means that don’t take a photo of something that’s more than three meters away and think that the flash is going to light it up but it won’t. So, you want to keep your subjects in dark situations closer to you.  
  • Obviously, you get the power button and you just push it and the camera turns on. So, let’s come to the back of this Wide Camera. So, try that again. 
  • So, I want you to see that light. It’s very important and it blinks when you hit the power button. okay, you’re going to have to believe me that there is a little red light on Camera that goes on.  Remember, when the flash is charging up and the camera will not take a photo when the red light is on because the flash is getting ready. I will tell you from the experience. That can be very frustrating because you’re wondering why it’s not taking the photo.  
  • You got to check that light if it’s odd. You just got to wait. If it seems like that taking a really long time it’s probably because your batteries are getting low. So, you want to put new batteries in it.  
  • Okay, let’s keep looking at the back. You have some buttons and you have a little screen. This screen is going to tell you how many films you have left in your camera and it will also tell you if you have these other functions turned on.  So when you buy it, there will be no film in the camera but later on, you’ll see the numbers pop up once we get some film in here.  
  • So, the button L&B; that lightens and darken. So, what this camera has is the ability to kind of control the exposure a little bit. So, if you press it once, you get an L that’s going to make the image a little bit brighter than it normally would. That’s really good if your subject in like a backlit situation which cameras tend to underexpose for. 
  • Then there’s darken so that will make the image a little darker than usual. That’s usually good if you have like a really the dark background and the camera tends to kind of overexpose in those situations. Or if you just want a different mood these are really good for just creative options.  
  • If you like a really high key bright image or a really dark low-key image you have those options and press it one more time and it turns off. After that, there is the flash symbol. If you press it once and that pops up what that is going to do is make sure the flash fires.  So, no matter what situation you’re in even if it’s bright the flash is going to fire and this is really good for like a fill flash situation where you’re outside and it’s backlit and you want a little pop of light on your subject. You can use the flash then.  
  • Alright, one other really important part of this wide Camera is that it has two focusing distances and you need to make sure you’re paying attention to this. Otherwise, you are not going to get the sharpest shots that you can.   So, the two options are 0.9 meters to 3 meters. So, within that range or 3 meters to infinity or like as far away as you can get and the way you choose between those two options are you twist this front dial. You’ll hear the lens moves. So right now, it is 3 meters to infinity.  
  • I twist it again lens goes in and out and now it’s 0.9 to 3 meters and you just switch back and forth and that is a really really important part of using this wide camera is that you get used to judging how far away your subject is and making sure you’re choosing the appropriate focusing distance.   If you don’t choose the right distance, your photos are not going to be sharp. They’re going to be blurry. You’re not getting the best quality out of the camera. So, you’ve got to get into that habit.  

instax wide 300 – Lighten and Darken

Lighten and darken is the most incredible feature of wide 300. The L&D feature is always going to help you to get best shot every time. You must face different light situation like me or other, but how to overcome them ? So, the L&D, force flash and Dial will help capturing the better shot than you think of.

This is huge discussion if I start here, so I have written details article of using the Light and Dark with Dial and force flash. To get more tips and tricks of L&D and how to use it with Dial and flash, click this link below.

Want more details of Lighten & Darken ? Click here to get tips and tricks using L&D for best shot. 

instax wide 300 – Lens

Alright now let’s take a look at that close-up lens attachment. So, what this is going to let you do is focus closer than that zero point nine meters  (0.9 m) . The way to put it off is to first turn on the camera and then You shouldn’t want to touch the lens I shouldn’t want to get it dirty just hold it fry the edges and then you just pop it on the front. It’s very easy.  

I find that it kind of is easy for it to twist and you don’t want it to twist. You have to turn it until you feel it snap into place. Because of you can see this little arm that sticks out. This is what helps you get the proper composition when you’re using this lens. So, you want it to be in the right place.   

If it’s not in the right place, you’re not going to get the right composition. So make sure you get it to pop into place and then you’re ready to go. 

So, this close-up lens is going to let you focus up to 0.4 meters or forty centimeters. So that’s quite a bit closer.  

You have to make sure that you are on the 0.9-meter to the 3-meter setting. If you are on the three to infinity, it’s not going to work properly.  

click here to read 4 tricks of using close-up-lens 

NOTE: So now if you’re going to take you a shot of something close up. Then you look through the viewfinder and you’ll be able to see this little arm through the viewfinder. That is the circle target what you’re going to want to put on top of your subject and that’s going to get them centered in the frame.   

So there’s definitely a learning curve in terms of getting the composition with this. Because of that close-up lens, it’s different than just what’s in here. But you’re going to figure it out. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about it just practice.  

instax wide 300 – Selfie Mirror

One other thing about the close-up attachment as you can see is that it has a selfie mirror on it. So, you can take selfies with this big giant camera. So again, this is what you’re going to want to use if you’re taking a selfie because you know when you’re holding it far away you’re not getting a meter away from your face so that the close-up lens attachment is what you want to use and then you just look in the mirror and somehow also press the button. It’s a little tricky but you’ll figure it out.  

Let’s put some film in and take a shot so that you get the full experience with the Instax wide 300. Now I usually give kind of a disclaimer as I’m opening the film. But still this is film and be careful with it, it’s delicate but the more and more tests I do with this film the less and less worried I am about it.  

I mean don’t do anything crazy. But for the most part, it is fairly safe in the cartridge. Just don’t put it in a really really hot place or like freeze it. Put it right in your camera don’t pull on any of this stuff but for the most parts don’t worry about it too much. 

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instax wide 300 – Film

Loading the film is not scary. So, let’s do that real quick. Open up the film door, you can see that there is a yellow little square rectangle and there’s a little yellow one on the film. Just line them up, pop it in and close the door.  

Now you turn it on and this is really important on that film, the cartridge is what’s called a dark slide it’s a little piece of cardboard that is protecting the first piece of film from the light. You need to manually eject that so don’t go to take a really cool photo and press the button because you’re not going to actually take a photo. The dark slide is what is going to come out. So, you can throw this away and now you are ready to take a photo. 

 It’s as simple as I said as choosing the right focusing distance. My Wide camera on 0.9 to 3 meters. So, make sure that you’ve got light and dark and on or if you want to make sure that flash fires you can. But really it’s as simple as point-and-shoot. 

After taking the shoot don’t shake the film. I’ve tested it that it’s not good. Wait 90 seconds and you will have yourself a really cool photo.  

Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed the Instax Wide 300. As you can see it’s a pretty simple camera but it has excellent results. I really love this Wide 300 Polaroid Camera. I could trust it to take great shots no matter what.   

So, if you are looking at getting into Instax, I would definitely check this one out. It is the only camera in the Fujifilm line that shoots in fact wide. So if this big stuff is interesting to you, this is the camera you got a grab anyway.   

Hope you enjoyed this simple discussion. If you did please feel free to leave comments if you think this might be a good Polaroid Instant Camera. Tell me why you would like to have it or what you would take photos of with it. I hope you have an awesome day and happy photographing. 


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There are lot of features in Instax Camera. Every camera has their own unique quality and settings. But what suits you best and what feature do you like most or do you like mini , square or wide format. There are lot of confusion might come to before buying the camera.

After buying the Instax camera, you always look for another feature that might not have that particular camera. Then you regret for that.

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Shayal · May 17, 2018 at 4:48 am


I just got the Instax wide 300 and the forced flash has been an issue for me. I saw on a YouTube video from another photographer using black gaffers tape to cover the flash which he says overrides the flash. I was wondering if covering the flash lead to issues with the camera?



    admin · May 17, 2018 at 6:28 am

    Hi Shayal,

    I think the flash doesn’t matte for wide 300. Because it is designed especially for this instant camera. I will do research for you (if the flash might have to cover ) and edit the article more to get the perfect answer “How to avoid flash wide 300”

    Here the things should can do to for best performance:

    1. The flash has 3 meters limit that’s mean If your picture distance is over 3 meter you can avoid the flash.
    Don’t worry about the distance because the dial will help you to get the distance perfect. that’s the second best option of this camera.

    2. In case of short distance you can use dial and the L&D button to get best picture. By using the L&D you can play with flash. When you get dark use the L and in case of Dark use the L.

    3. To get the perfect distance try to use dial 0.9 meter to 3 meter or 3 to infinity or to get closer use the lens.

    4. Try to use surrounding lights to get perfect Exposure. And it is the best adventure for any camera.

    Hope it helps.

Reva Lokhande · April 25, 2019 at 6:17 pm

My 300 Instax wide isn’t coming on. It worked just fine at 7 pm and then conked at 8 pm. It just won’t come on. Help! What could be the issue and how do I get it working again!

    admin · April 26, 2019 at 9:40 am

    May be this is internal problem. You can ask this question to ifixit.com . They have very good support system.

    admin · December 2, 2019 at 3:34 am

    May be this is internal problem. You can ask this question to ifixit.com . They have very good support system.

    Just chat with them

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