Does Instax Wide 300 has Self Timer ?

This is now have made a common issue of wide 300. Every customer who have bought wide 300 want to use self-timer for having photography. I don’t know the main reason of not having the self-timer option in wide 300. But after a lot of research I have found two solution or answer for this. One is external self-timer rig and second is how to use wide 300 instant camera best way for shooting group photo, event photo or anything you want to shoot.

In short answer there is no self timer button on wide 300 camera. But If you are really interested in capturing photo with group by using self timer, you can get extra self-timer rig for wide 300. You have to attach it to the camera for using self timer. Actually most of digital camera like canon also use self timer rig to get more control of photography. So How to do that ? Let’s dive into it now.

What you get in this article is that.


  • How to use self-timer rig with wide 300.
  • What better idea can you use instead of using self-timer rig.

If you are new or have bought the camera or ordered it, then click here to read step-by-step Guide of using the wide 300 instant camera.

What is self-timer rig or jig wide 300 ?

The self timer rig is extra feature or instrument that can attach with camera to take photo using timer. It will work like time-watch. This jig need to slide onto the right grip of the camera. By attaching the rig or jig, you can place extra manual camera timer to wide 300 instant camera.

I have never use it but I found others to use it and they say it works amazing. Here is the pictures of self-timer rig.

wide 300 Self-timer rig

wide 300 Self-timer rig

This look like a extra box of timer machine. Just attach it when you need to shot with timer. The interesting thing is that when you will use it, you would think yourself in the backtime. I mean you can imagine yourself that you are at the 90s century.

I got the picture and instrument from this website. You can check whenever you are interested to do this. Click here to go to resource of self-timer rig. Honesty I never used it. So when you buy it then make sure you ask them whatever question comes to your mind. And I think they are ready to answer it.

Why you need this self-timer rig ?

When you want to take group photo in the party or any event you must feel to use self-timer to get the picture together. Otherwise you can miss it and feel awful. This is very important for family photos. In the family event it is also need. So be sure to keep it when you want to use it. You can use the self-timer as tripod because it has flat surface level.

Here is the other thing you can do with the wide 300 instead.

I think you don’t need self-timer if you do this kind of activity I am going to discuss in this article. People are always concern about the activities when they buy new things. They don’t know what to do after buy a new piece of camera. They always try to do new crazy thing but what will they do with it ? How the Idea will come through their mind ? Here is the answer, first follow and copy the idea of people are doing then make the idea yourself. If you can do it, you can make memorable shareable photo with your personal imagination. So be enthusiastic about your creativity that come from your mind.

Make fun with the photography

If you are in the photography, then you can do fun like this. What you can see, they are making fun with this camera with wide 300. This is the best moment that you can ever imagine as a average photographer. You can do it with all your friend to make it memorable. This photo has used darken mode may be. Actually When you try to capture the moment, You would find out every feature with it.

wide 300 group picture

wide 300 group picture

If you want to know about the variety use of darken or lighten mode of wide 300 camera, then read my another article to explore the trick of wide 300.

The birthday event

Instax wide 300 is perfect camera for taking event photos especially of birthday. Because here you can get the perfect shot of wide camera. Why ? Because it is the place where you can get the perfect light combination. You don’t need to try to take better position for capturing the best shot. You already can see that is already got the best shot.

wide 300 Birthday

wide 300 Birthday

Although the flash is on, it didn’t even reduce the quality of the photo. The flash help to make it more awesome output. After taking shots, you would feel yourself as a professional photographer. Actually the main reason is the combination of light. So you don’t need to be expert for birthday event. Now you already feel good hah.

The pub photography

You can do get together wherever you want. Most of people are having this at the restaurant or pub. These are the pace the people are spending their spare time. If you really enjoy being with your other friend, then you can make it more crazier event and moment. Actually this moment are never forgettable for anyone. You would make friend immediately when you want even if you are alone. Because every people want to make some fun. If they see the camera and film, probably they would cry.

wide 300 Birthday

wide 300 Birthday

In this picture, you can see the expression of this guy. EveryOne wanted to try their best shot in the camera. Why ? Because this is interesting when people see this kind of instax or Polaroid camera. This was perfect shot when it was taken with wide 300.


Think that, you want to make more friend with the stuff. Are you watching the face of these guy ? They are happy to be friend and want to enjoy the moment also.

Most Happy Memory of life

Capturing the right memory at the right time is more amazing. It is only possible with instant photography with instax camera. You can’t make it with the other source even with the digital camera. That is why the Polaroid or Instax is more popular now.

wide 300 Happy Memory

wide 300 Happy Memory

In the picture, you can get instant result with film. You can touch the memory with your hand. Live moment could make more live and capturable. You can the capture the emotion too. So be ready to make surprise yourself doing stupid thing. Here in the photo, the little princess is now the queen. Every member of the camera you can see are happy. It doesn’t matter whether you take the right shot or not. It’s printable so get more instant memory with instax camera.

Get together with friend

It feels great again if this is a get together event. You don’t get too much event in your life with friend. The relation with the other people can never break if you want to make it. I think everyone has missed the social event memory on the video or digital camera. But if you literally goes for permanent event like winning situation, just apply this capturing ideas. I know you are going to get the best funny moment with friends.

wide 300 Get Together with Friends

wide 300 Get Together with Friends

In this picture, the wide camera had to use force flash. Although the camera has auto flash option. But this time it is needed to confirm the flash so that the light can come while taking the shots. Any kind of event like this, just make the get together memory for yourself to remind. Because the memory are strong if you can capture it.

Family reunion

Since everyone has family and they want to get back to childhood life. Yes it is possible if you have grandpa, grandma, father, mother or siblings. Because that is the moment you can get back to the past life where everybody always want to go. Actually I also miss this moment. But capturing it into film, it gets more memorable as you can’t imagine.

wide 300 family reunion

wide 300 family reunion

Here in the picture you can see a full family. They are enjoying the reunion with their family members. They had got their funny moment back onto the film. This is more crying moment to get moment in life. There is how you can live more with your happy moment.

Professional colleague

If you are at navy or air-force, then it is for you. It is also for them who like to held the moment in the film. The real factor is that the intern and training member are also interested to capture history of life.

wide 300 Professional colleague

wide 300 Professional colleague

This picture is also taken from wide 300. This is more fun so that’s why it is put on one of the film book. There were no enough light in the room. But the camera did not need the lightened mode because  all the member wanted to do so. And there you can see the result.

Girls get together

You can not stop any girl make moment funny for them. Because they always enjoy the moment whenever they can. So that’s why they are beautiful every time. They don’t care even they are broke.

wide 300 Girls get together

wide 300 Girls get together

Here are you can see the three Musketters. Whatever happen in life the girls take all the advantage to be happy. Although they are different in character, they know their team very well and made the moment better in life.

The crazy tour Team

You will always get them wherever you go in your life. They are the crazier than other in life. Who are they ? The tour team. They know how to enjoy the life by traveling also. If you want to talk about them, they are professional buddy to capturing every best moment. They never miss to be free in life. Honestly the actual freedom in traveling. It will help you get better in knowledge and make it into picture so that your memory gets strong. This is may be the number one reason that traveling is in the first place to gather knowledge.

wide 300 The crazy tour Team

wide 300 The crazy tour Team

Here you can see the crazy traveler. They don’t care what the picture output is going to be. They made the moment with expression. Although this is little bit blur, but they made it obvious memory for them. Every person who saw it liked it very much. Did you notice their love of capturing memory ? Yes they are the real people like you and me. Memory are the Memory that’s it.

In the culture factor

The power of memory and photography is precious. We take thousands of pictures nowadays. But we never cherish them. In case of this use the instax or Polaroid memory. It can held the memory with hurt. Even in the cultural event, you can get more moment to capture with instax camera. I think the wide 300 would be best for it. It can be the country culture or freedom moment or the food culture. You and many traveler visit different country to learn different people and their culture. They even save their whole asset to make it happen and get it to memorable moment.

wide 300 culture factor

wide 300 culture factor

Now you have understood of making memory. So you don’t need any excuse to make it happen. Here is the picture, you can guess the place of the picture. How ? the people and the clothing tells everything to you. You will also proud of to make memory like this and would must enjoy being together in the film. Maybe you would never meet them but the memory will be always with you.

You can get your favorite moment if you don’t stop making moment for you and welcome again to memory of instant clicking.

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