Instax mini 9 camera with film

There are lots of question come in mind when it comes to buy Instax mini 9 camera or any mini camera. I have always heard people saying the film issue like “if they buy Instax camera, do they get the mini film ?” or “What film Instax mini 9 or any camera use ?”.

Another question comes in mind is that can they use Polaroid film with mini cameras ? or Most important question is that “how to get instax mini film cheap or how much is instax mini film?”

People who are using Instax or Polaroid cameras, many question have come about instax mini film or the Polaroid film. I have done a lot of research and try to explain almost all of the film issue starting from price, color, size to film frame design and buying tips.

Does instax mini 9 come with film ?

The answer is No. You won’t get film along with Instax mini 9 Camera. This is the important issue people always confused while buying instax mini 9. I don’t know why but you don’t get film with it.

In another case if you order bundle pack or accessories, then you can get a package it with. It always depend on which package do you want to buy according to your choice or demand. I have another article of “How much does a mini 9 cost ?” about this topic. Here you will know which package should you buy and what will you get along with it as well as how to get more cheaper ? Click here to read How much does a mini 9 Cost ?

You should know what you can get with this mini 9 cameras. Mini 9 camera has five colors Cobalt blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo pink, lime green and smokey. Whatever color or package you buy of any mini 9 camera, You always gets this following things:-

  • Wrist strap – You will get wrist strap with any of the mini 9 box. So you don’t have to worry about to buy it separately.
  • you get two batteries
  • Two batteries – This is another thing you will get with this camera so that you can immediately start the camera after unboxing it.
  • Close up lens – Here is the very important extra parts you would also gets with this camera. Close up lens help you to take closer shot and perfect selfie. Oh you will get the selfie mirror attach with it that is awesome.    
  • User manual – Yes like any other product, you with find a manual guide after unboxing the mini 9 camera.

So you don’t have to order wrist strat, batteries, close up lens with it. Whatever mini 9 package you ordered, don’t forget to order film or bulk films with it. If you get confused which film have to buy or how can you get cheap film, then I have another very important article for you of details of this. Click here to read 13 types of mini film.

How to get Instax mini 9 film Cheap ?

The instax mini film comes with many color variation and package to make more fun moment with instax photography. But people always get confused while buying instax mini film. The fact is that a print cost average $0.60 to $0.80 more or less. It’s always depend on which type of film pack you are buying or also depend on which color frame of the film. So to make the right decision. let’s dive into details.

Another important issue of buying Instax film is quality. Don’t buy film frequently even it is cheap. The print quality, expiration date and manufacturer of the film is also very important matter. So keep reading this article to save money and film and guide to buy them.

You can buy 2 twin pack, 5 pack with 10 sheets each, 100 prints with 10 or 5 pack, 60 sheets with 6 pack and more. The manufacturer did this with different variation cause it’s all about the budget variation so that you can buy as much number of pack or prints you want.

In short you can get a lot of option to order like 10, 20,40,50 sheets. But the cheapest option is the 20 sheets that can saves you up to 50% more or less but it’s not all the time. I just want you to compare to the others before buying the instax mini film.

Rainbow film is now getting more popular choice to people. The interesting thing is about this that you can save more money to buy this also.

I always recommend to buy bulk film. So just being aware of buying the mini film, you can save upto 40% to 50% sometimes. The price of Instax film fluctuate all the time depending on the market timing.

If you want to buy Instax mini film cheap and from trusted manufacturer, then read my another article given below so that you can get cheap and valuable film pack to save price and get better quality.

I have always tried to keep the update price and quality in this article. Click here to get better instruction to buy Instax mini film with complete list.

What film does Instax Mini 9 use?

Instax mini 9 use only mini film for mini 9 camera. You can use other mini film also but it need to be same size of film as Instax film. If you understand only the size matter of any film and camera, you can use whatever you want. Let’s talk more about it.

At first, you need to know that all Instax or Polaroid film made by same manufacturer and same size of film for Different cameras. So you need to just make sure size of the film of the Instax or Polaroid or any other instant cameras.

Mini film size- For instax mini 9 the actual size of mini film is 46mm x 62mm or ( 1.8 in x 2.4 in ) as for Picture Size but the film size is  54(W) x 86(H). Why do you need to know about the film size ? Because even when you want to use other film to your instax or polaroid camera, it will help to get exact measurement.

So the Instax mini cameras use same size of film. Therefore, you can use mini film to mini 7s, mini 8, mini 9, mini 70, mini 90 or to any Instax mini cameras easily. Even Polaroid 300 has the same size of film to shoot, so you can use Instax mini film to it without doubt.

So you don’t need to worry which film are you using to your instax camera. Just make sure you bought the same size of film for your camera. So knowing the size of film is enough to make a decision.

Does polaroid film work in fuji instax mini 9 ?

Yes you can use Polaroid 300 film in the Instax mini 9 film. Polaroid 300 film size is 46mm x 62mm or ( 1.8 in x 2.4 in ) as for Picture Size but the film size is  54(W) x 86(H) which is exact same as mini 9 filmAs I said before only the size of film is matter to ensure it.

Polaroid 300 camera is not a brand of Fuji production. But you want to use instax mini film to it. Is it possible ? yes because the Polaroid 300 uses the same size of film as like as Instax mini 9 camera. 

On the other hand you can use Polaroid 300 film all of the Instax mini Cameras like mini 7s, mini 9 , mini 8 , mini 70 , mini 90 or any mini cameras. So you can use Polaroid film on any Instax cameras by knowing the size of the film. That’s why I recommend you to aware of size of the film before ordered it.

Thus, knowing the actual size of mini film or square film or wide film, you can ensure it by yourself. There are three size of film Fujifilm production use for instax camera based on mini, square and wide camera. That is mean if you know the actual size of those three films, you can use any of film to them.

Another factor of buying Polaroid film and Instax film is that the price difference. Sometimes you get less price than Polaroid film and vice verse. So just let’s get more info about film in this article.

Does the instax mini 9 use the same film as the 8 ?

In short the answer is Yes. The Instax mini 9 and Instax 8 use the same film. As I have discussed above the size is only matter to shoot. Mini 9 and 8 use the same size of film that is 46mm x 62mm or ( 1.8 in x 2.4 in ) as for Picture Size but the film size is  54(W) x 86(H).

At first I had doubt to use them, then I read ton of article and testify them. Now I can ensure you that only the size is matter nothing else.

Mini film comes with 13 types of frame design to make more nice shot with mini cameras. You can use all of 13 frame with mini 9 and mini 9 as well as all Instax mini cameras like mini 7s, mini 70, mini 90 and more.  Here is the mini film size with the camera that can use Instax mini film.

Instax mini film size

Instax mini film size

So there are no doubt to use mini 9 can use same film as mini 8.

How many frame does Instax mini film have ?

There are 13 types of instax mini film with based on frame design. As for the demand of Instax mini camera and film, the manufacturer come with 13 frame design of mini film till now. All of them are awesome. You should try every one of them for making more fun memory.

Some of the frame design is specially done for kids and women. That’s mean you can specify all of the frame for gift. So let’s talk a bit about those film.

  1. White– The white frame is specially design for all of categories people. You can write memory date or anything in it and that is one of the special feature of Instax film. This is the credit card size film so you can put it almost everywhere even your wallet.  
  2. Monochrome – Do you like vintage, black & white film ? This is the only one vintage version of mini film to capture more sharp picture quality. That’s mean it can get more in depth details composition compare to the any other mini films. This is also credit card size film. This is by far the best mini film to me for amazing result and picture quality.
  3. Black- This is another great frame design for whom like black frame. You can write memory, date or anything at the bottom like other mini film. The design of black frame are great if your favorite color is black. In the black frame, you will get contrast more deep. Therefore, the picture look more stunning and colorful
  4. Sky Blue- Now start with the different color film, the sky blue is awesome frame if you are fan of cloud composition. Like the other frame, you can write anything at the bottom and it’s especially design for special occasion picture shooting. If you like simple style type frame, then this is also for you. Say, you are at the party or you have craft project, then this would be the best choice for sharing those through sky blue frame mini film.
  5. RainBow- In case of popularity, the rainbow mini film is now getting more fame to instax mini photographer. If you like Sugar, Spice and everything nice in the frame with the picture, Then this is the best choice for you. In the box of the rainbow mini film, you will get all the rainbow color individually one by one film. After capturing the picture and get them on the wall, you will be amazed of the beauty of rainbow mini film. All of the color picked from the sky rainbow color. That’s why it look literally the rainbow picture frame.
  6. Candy pop-  This mini film is especially designed for kids and girls. The Polka-Dotted frames makes the frame candy look. The kids can also carry it on wallet or bag or wherever they wants so that they can enjoy and share it with other friends.
  7. Stained Glass- The mosaic frame mini film is also pretty nice job done for it. The outcome with vibrant colors and sharp details and overall glossy finish is beautiful. You may think it is a nail polish color surrounding through the picture. Like the rainbow color, it have different color variation on each mini film.
  8. Shiny Star- Similar to rainbow mini film, the Shiny Star is based on colorful star-patterned frames make the mini film more stunning. Kids and little girls must love the variation of each film. You can give this film as a gift or picture as a sharable or memorable moment that are unforgettable. No one can’t ignore shiny star frame design with any picture result.
  9. Comic- Following through other design, the comic frame comes based on comic picture print. This film also credit card size and has unique color borders to add style to your images. The design add with bubbles similar to comic strip speech balloons.
  10. Airmail- The Airmail is adorned with an airmail envelope detail so that you can snap a photo and send it to a friend. It’s really interesting thought from fuji. If you are adult, then it remind you postman memories and for the child, you can play with them sending surprised mail to their friends.

11) Stripe 12) Hello KITTY3 and the last is 13) HELLO KITTY frame. Want to Get details and picture and how they looks ?  Then click here to get into it.

Where to buy instax mini 9 film ?

So you should aware of buying anything especially for Instax film. There are lots of price variation based on size, frame, color and pack. You can order from anywhere like Amazon, eBay, Walmart or any online store. I prefer some tips before ordering this. So when you order the film, you need to know more about the film for buying it. Most of the time people buy the film and find out the expiration of film is over or the film is not as good as with expectation. Just be careful of buying this.

So you are ready to get out there and start shopping around for your film. Following this tips might helpful:-

  • Make sure the expiration date before ordering the film. The chemical of film has expire date for taking best shot. You can use expired film also. It doesn’t harm the film or the camera. If the film aged over 10 years, you might get blurred picture sometimes.
  • Keep your cards close to the vest as you shop until you’re ready to make your final deal. But you don’t need to hurry for buying the film. Find other store or read more review on this website to learn more about it. After that you can make your final decision.
  • It is possible all time that you can get lower price on film to the other manufacturer. I recommend that only the price variation is not matter for buying film. You have think about more of quality of the manufacturer, expiration date, condition. That’s the way you not only can save more money but also can make best decision all the time as ordering  any film.
  • Never forget to check shipping cost that included. Also if you buy it from amazon and you are the price member, than there are lot of facility of buying this including faster shipping.
  • While ordering make sure which frame color do you need for your film and check the bulk film size and quantity of film.
  • If you are new of buying the camera, don’t forget to order film also. Because you don’t get the film along with the camera.

Following this tips can save more money for your film. If you want more tips of buying mini film camera, then I have a full list of them. I have checked all of the variation and price as well color for making better decision. Click here to get Super buying tips.

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