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How to take your first perfect Double Exposure Shots ??

Alright so the basic idea that you need to have in mind is that the first shot you take is going to be your main photo. And the second shot is going to be shadow. Everything in that the shot that is a shadow. that is where you’re going to see whatever you take in your second shot.

  • First shot is the main photo 
  • second shot is going to be the shadow.

The basic shots of double exposure – instax mini 90

It is basically use first image as blurry and second image as a main photo. In mini 90, double exposure mode is a new feature previous models do not have. You can superimpose or overlap two different images to create a single creative photo. Just release the shutter once for one scene and again for another scene.

Here in the example of a flower and a man, first shot was for flower and second shot was for man. It has created a stylish photo of a man with blurry flowers.

basic double exposure - mini 90

basic double exposure – mini 90

I have got a ton of example of Double exposure shots. Just keep reading this article that is only about variety use of double exposure shots. If you just want simple double exposure- one with blurry and other with main photo, then you can do it very easy way. Just take one shot to use as blurry or background image and other one as a main photo.

How to take a silhouette Double exposure – Instax mini 90

A silhouette is basically a really bright background and a dark subject. That’s the Silhouette basic like another feature of Digital Camera.  When you do that the whole first shot is going to be dark shadow. The shadows where your second photo is going to show up. 

That’s why this is so cool. so what you need to do for your first shot is take as a silhouette. And that works really well either against a white wall or you have got bright white background or against the bright white sky.

Step One

Okay, so the way you do this. shot number one is a silhouette. you can do it up a person or an object whatever you want.   And like we were just talking about because that subject is dark.  The shadows that’s where your second photo is going to show up.

but when you shoot against a bright sky it becomes white because there’s so much light. so start with that get that silhouette.

Step Two

Then for your second shot find a pattern or a texture or a color that’s gonna fill in those shadows. And that’s all you do.  It’s really simple the results especially with instant film are quite unpredictable but very cool. The result is fantastic and all about your shooting experience or style.

Okay so take a second to let that sink in. the shadows are where that second photo is going to show up. because those highlights, they’re already getting a lot of light when you put more light it just becomes more bright. the stereotypical double exposure shot that everyone does because it looks so red is this one that I’ve been showing you.

Now lets use tow easiest step with Instax mini 90 Neo Classic.

Second example of silhouette is If you don’t use really bright background, it’s going to be like this. It’s also pretty cool. Since it is little bit tricky, you should try it to get more funny experience. 

now you can see for example this photo if that first silhouette shot doesn’t have a really bright white background. then you kind of get that blue sky and you get the texture kind of showing up there as well instead of just in the silhouette.

so that’s one little way that you kind of want that really white background. so you get less of the sky and more just that pattern filling in the silhouette.

Tips for Half Image – Mini 90 Double Exposure

One really cool way to do double exposures is by exposing only half of the film at once in your first exposure and then you expose the other half of the film in the other exposure and that’s not as hard as it sounds.

So here’s an example on the top I have no half face on the left and the second half face on the right. The other half on the second shot combined with their first short. And now its look very cool and crazy you hardly  have seen images like this In the photography. So this is really fun the way to do it. I’ll tell  you first on this camera because it’s very easy.

You could have a person in one half of the frame and then that same person in the other half of the frame. all sorts of crazy stuff like that like this.

Tips for half images with double exposure

  • if you want to do something like that with Instax mini 90 new classic cameras, I don’t know of any fancy gadget like that for it but all you would need to do is take like a piece of black tape and cover up half of the frame for your first shot.
  • then carefully move that for that tape to the other half of the frame for the second shot. that’s how you would do it with that.
Covering the Lens mini 90

Covering the Lens mini 90

  • okay a couple final tips before we go one thing to remember is that when you are exposing the same piece of film twice. it’s getting basically twice as much light as it normally would.
  • so you might want to experiment with underexposing this cameras have the ability to kind of darken the frame a little bit.
  • so you might want to try doing that. So that it doesn’t everything doesn’t just get overexposed because it’s being exposed twice or multiple times.
  • another tip just kind of in general when you’re starting out with double exposure and multiple exposure photography is that you’re gonna want to look for scenes that are quite simple.
  • if you have really really busy scenes and you’re putting two of them together you can just look chaotic.
  • so while you’re getting the hang of it you’re gonna want to look for things that are like simple not a lot in the shot and that way when they combine you can still kind of tell what’s going on.
  • alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed that little introduction to double exposure photography.  remember to look at your manual to figure out how to do it but the biggest thing here is just to experiment. keep those ideas that I’ve given you in mind and have fun with it. because for me this double exposure stuff is always some of the most exciting and unexpected with instant film and I just love that.

Tips for Taking Sideways Picture – Double Exposure 

some tips with that when you’re taking that second shot don’t just think you need to hold the camera one way you can turn it sideways you can turn it upside down you can do all sorts of crazy stuff and that’s the point here is to try to be really creative.

but you’re always wanting you to keep your framing from the first shot in mind. so you kind of remember where things are to try to get it to line up nicely with a second shot.

it’s tricky and one of the big things with these double exposures is you have be ready to make a bunch of mistakes a bunch of failures on your way to figuring out your technique and finding really cool stuff.

but that’s all the fun part of the process. along that similar idea you can do like a reflection shot where your first photo is something up right and then do the double exposure with that same thing upside down. As a Example…

SideWay Shot Mini 90

SideWay Shot Mini 90

you can take shots where you combine two different contrasting ideas like some nice clouds and then some really urban architecture or you can do a shot where it’s two photos of the same object kind of shot in different ways so you’re kind of layering it on top of each other.

How Double exposure works ?

I’m going to be sharing some tips with you on how to shoot awesome double exposure shots with your instant film camera.

Okay so the first thing you need to know is just what the basic idea behind a double exposure is. What happens when you take a photo on a piece of film is that the camera opens up the shutter and light comes in to expose the shot and then the film comes out and that’s how you take a photo.

But with a double exposure what happens is that you take that first shot but the film doesn’t come out. It waits there. You take another shot that image also goes on the same piece of film.Then it comes out so you get two photos on the same piece of film and they kind of combine in often very unexpected and creative ways to give you something totally cool.

Its Looks like this…..

Example of Double Exposure

Example of Double Exposure

so we are gonna be going over some tips on how to shoot these and some things you need to make sure you keep in mind.

Because double exposure is kind of work in a funky way and if you don’t fully understand it your results will kind of be lackluster.

Before you start Double Exposure What to know ???

  • At first you have to choose or decide to photos. the first one should be telescope photo for the background. it will be best if the background would be the nature because it will come with the whole details.
  • the second photo should be a face or your full picture doesn’t matter who is photo or image come first. it all depends on your choice because you should not follow all details cause it’s all your discussion how to do that nothing else.
  • You should have the feature of double exposure mode of your instax camera. that’s all, now take to get  action.
  • do not worry if you don’t have the feature of double exposure mode in your camera, I’m going to tell you  some tips and tricks of taking double exposure mode if you don’t have the feature in a camera in another article.

History of double exposure  mode

The story of squirrel food has exciting start. Actually  no one knows who created It or make it like selfie. So, it is also mistry that who comes with double exposure mode fast.

at first it comes with  some tricks of the atmosphere and some ghostly effect,  maybe inspired by some evident. but by the time it has come up now the different and lot of ideas with people mind.

when you take film camera, you or photographer  we use the lens to get sharp edges. But one mistake has happened the photographer did not remove the lens cap. Then the story begins.

As early as 1890, The double exposure was only being used for technique to get a different kind of images.

by the early 20th century, avant-grade photographers were experimenting with this technique.  Another great photographer who has special skill of photography effects in film making and ghostly figure used for horror movies.

then this technique Got popularity and interested by the local people also.

when PhotoShop has come,  it has got more popularity by inventing of internet with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest and all kind of social media.

Now the double exposure technique is known by almost everyone who has photography skill with Photoshop or having digital camera.

the interesting part is that, the Polaroid instant camera get back to the field. and it is Got way of more popularity than the digital camera surprisingly.

instax camera amazed the company by shocking them that it is going to  best choice of people. and the company are trying to fill up the customer’s fulfillment with  different kind of future for instant lover.

All about Double exposure

Before we start learning about the  tips and tricks of instant camera 90 Neo classic double exposure mode, it would be great about learning a bit the exposure mode.

Double exposure is a combination of two images which is taken by your instax camera where one image is  overlaid By another image, put a little tricks of oppositely which is managed by the instax camera.

Ok let’s take about the instax Mini 90 Neo classic camera. one of the Best feature of this instant camera is the double exposure. Basically it is the main feature of this  instant camera.

So  double exposure is where you layer two images into one very easily. In the case of Digital Photography it’s not easy to do even in the photoshop is very hard.

but with the instant camera is only two step to follow. that’s all, all you need to do is be careful with some stuff.

Why ?  

because the shots already exposed, that’s mean you need to rely on camera not on the Photoshop.

At first  may be, it doesn’t work like the way you want. you need some practice or learn some tricks before you capture any double exposure mode.

You would really be amazed by you when you got your right shot while  having captured images.

Which Camera do Double exposure ?

so let’s figure out how to make awesome results. okay, for starters, not every instant film camera can shoot double exposures.

you need to check to see if the camera you have will the Fuji film mini 90 and Instax square sq6 is the one in the Fuji film line that will do it and it will do double exposures to shots on one piece of film.

it’s just a mode that you turn on make sure to check out your manual for how exactly to do it but it’s very easy.

the Lomo instant automatic camera will shoot multiple exposures so that means you can have as many exposures on the same piece of film that you want and then as soon as you press that button again. then the film comes out. so that’s very nifty.

there are other cameras like the Lomo instant Y can do multiple exposures. if you have the instant Flexsteel 70 that can do multiple exposures as well.

so you need to know whether you can do it. But if you do have one of those cameras and you’re ready to go.

you got your manual in hand. let’s start learning how to take those cool shots.

it takes me out of my normal creative box and I just kind of have more fun with what I’m shooting.

so make sure you go out and do that. leave me a comment if you like double exposures, you have any tips you’ve taken any cool shots that you want to tell me about. I’d love to hear from.

if you love instant film and just photography in general because of we have a lot of fun here check the links  for these cameras.

I’ve also done more reviews and guides to a lot of these so I can link to those too. if you want to keep learning have an awesome date. thanks so much for watching happy photographing.


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