Today I’m talking about the list of my favorite tips and tricks that actually work for instant photography.

How to take a good Instant phtoto with your instant camera ? Yes I am going to talk about all tips and tricks what have learnt from myself and in the web. this is the best collection of  learning of my instant photography.

tricks for instax camera

17 tricks instax camera

so,  one of the great things about instant camera is  it’s very collectible. Never find that kind of memory on the other cameras even digital cameras. because when you buy this camera, you know the difference between the reality and pixel memories.

it is worth saying Obviously the instant camera on the  Polaroid camera Is not the cheapest in case of the instant film.  so you must be serious of instant film with all kind of activities like  different kind of mode, light and tips and tricks.

One of the things is mentioned which is obvious It’s not like the way you go to and delete. With the instant camera if you do not shoot well that’s mean your the film is wasted.

So what the first interesting thing Weather instant photography.  when the film come out, you will get a nice photo with white edges. So that you can write something to memorize the moment  and even the date.

this is really really the awesome part of the instant  or Polaroid camera.

At first, when you use instant camera, you do get excellent outfit. now next talk about the main  outline of this article.

1. Don’t be afraid to waste film

All right the top mistake that I think that people do is just being afraid to waste film.Yes instant film is expensive. You know it depends but you’re basically looking at around $1 per sheet and that can feel like scary.

You just want to conserve it, you want to make sure that you hold on to it. But that’s not the point here. The point is to be shooting and enjoying the process.

so don’t be afraid to make those mistakes. I have boxes and boxes of shots that are complete mistakes like complete-garbage basically like they should just be thrown in the trash.

But that’s how I learn how to use the camera and that’s just part of the fun, the unpredictability of instant film is what makes it so magical. so don’t be afraid to waste your film just get out and shoot.

2. Remember to adjust your settings

all right next up is forgetting to adjust your settings and even if you are using the simplest camera on the market or the fanciest camera on the market. There are settings that you need to be aware of.

for example, a big one is not adjusting your exposure. so that’s the brightness or the darkness of your shot.

Even this really really basic instant camera like the mini 9 from Fuji film that camera also has an exposure adjustment that you have to be aware of.

it’s going to tell you what you need to set it at. So that you get the right exposure but you need to be doing that work these aren’t just completely point-and-shoot cameras.

you do need to use your brain but that’s ok as long as you get in that habit, you’re gonna get better shots.

another big one is not setting your focus distance. so a lot of these cameras will also, have different focusing distances depending on whether something is close to you or far away.

if you don’t change those focus settings while you’re shooting your shots aren’t going to be sharp.

so you need to be aware of what you’re doing. use that brain like I said and you’re gonna get better results which brings me to the next point which is very important is that you should read the manual.

3. Remember to read manual

Instax mini 90 front and back

Instax mini 90 front and back

when I first got into photography I hated reading manuals. never wanted to do it. just toss them to the side and figured I’ll figure it out as I go.

but with the instant film that is an especially good way to waste a lot of money. because you’re not figuring out how to use that camera.

you’re gonna waste a lot of film in the process. so the manuals for these cameras honestly are so small and easy to read I know because I’ve read like all of them by this point.

so take those ten minutes read the manual take a look at your camera learn what everything is.

that’s gonna help you get your settings right and really get the most out of that camera so that you’re getting the best results with your photos.

4. Remember to eject the dark slide

Instax mini 90 Black

Instax mini 90 Black

okay moving right along with something that you would know when you read the manual is that there is a dark slide.

this is what covers up the pack of the film so that the light doesn’t hit that first piece of film and ruin it.

inside of every pack of Instax film and you have to eject it. you have to get rid of it before you’re ready to start shooting and this is a mistake that I still make.

I get all ready to take my shot after putting in a nice fresh pack of film and then take press that shutter and out comes this and I didn’t actually take a a photo.

I just got rid of this and then I have to do it all over again.

there are some models that will automatically eject the dart slide after you’ve put in the new film.

but other ones won’t so you got to know whether your camera does or not and make sure you remember to get rid of this before you start shooting.

5. Don’t Shake the film while it develops

another big mistake that people make especially if they are easily influenced by pop songs is shaking that Polaroid picture.

but this is not a Polaroid picture this is a Instax film and you should not shake it. I have tested this you can visit another article link.

don’t shake it, don’t bend it, take care of this film right after you’ve taken a photo don’t put it in your pocket.

That also could ruin it take really good care of it because it’s the only shot you have.


6. Take care of the prints

the next mistake is what you do after you’ve got that precious little photo.  don’t just throw it in a big pile.

because you know what this is going to do this is going to scratch that film.this stuff scratches easily all of these photos that I have. now have tons of little scratches on them.

the best thing to do is to get yourself an album so that as soon as you take those shots they are nice and safe in there and I will add links to the article.

because these are great for Instax Mini film. you can also get links in the article. so the cameras and the film and all that stuff if you’re looking for more of this stuff.

but the idea here is that after you take your photos, take care of them. put them in the album or at least in a nice box to keep them safe.

you may want to organize them by like event year trip whatever. you can even write on them to give even more details.

but just remember, take care of them you’re spending time and money on them. you want to protect them.

7. Don’t Get too close to your subject

ok another big mistake is just simply getting too close to your subject.

every camera has what’s known as a minimum focusing distance. that is the closest that you’ll be able to get while still getting a sharp image.

and a lot of times we just get so excited about what we’re shooting. we just come right up to it and you’re just gonna get a really the really blurry result.

in your manual you will be able to find what the minimum focusing distances for your camera. and then just get in the habit of never getting closer to than that.

a lot of them are like 0.6 meters so 60 centimeters away. you can’t get super close with these cameras. 

so make sure you’re understanding that so you get sharp photos when you’re closer up.

8. Not getting close enough – Tricky hah….

so that mistake, we are talking about, was getting too close. but it’s also a mistake to not get close enough.

for example, mini film is small you’re not gonna be able to look really really close.

if your subject is super super tiny in the frame, it’s gonna be hard to see them.

you’re gonna want to try to do more photos where you’re really filling up the frame with your subject getting as close as you can.

so you can really see them see those details. remember like I said this is small film these aren’t big prints.

so you kind of have to shoot in a different way so another really important reason to know that minimum focusing distance.

so you can really fill up the frame with your subject.

9. Don’t Shoot super bright light

now instant film definitely has limitations and you kind of has to understand those.

the big one is that it doesn’t handle super bright light very well.

so here is what happens when you shoot right into the Sun.  you get like black dot that will also happen if there’s like a reflection of a flash in a mirror or something anything that is like super super super bright.

it’s gonna be this kind of ugly black dot and I don’t love that I would rather it just be all white.

so you kind of want to try to avoid that by not shooting directly into the super bright light.

turn to the side, try to not get the Sun in your frame and you’ll avoid that ugly dot.

10. Just take instant film photography seriously

one mistake I think people make with instant film is they kind of write it off as just snapshots just a little the frivolous fun thing that you do.

but I don’t see it that way. I see instant film as having great potential for creativity and amazing photography.

I think that there’s a lot that can be done there and so what I think people fail to do is really study photography and apply photography concepts to their instant film work.

I think that’s really missing out because there’s amazing stuff you can do with instant film.

if you’re using the ideas of composition having cool shapes and lines and colors in there or if you’re looking for really great light to capture with your instant film shots.

my personal favorite is shooting near a big window. There’s amazing light there an instant film can absolutely take advantage of it.

so if you love instant film make sure you’re also studying all those photography concepts and you will find an enormous improvement in the quality of the photos you’re getting.

11. Don’t Approach the instant film like Digital Camera

I think in general a big mistake that people make is they kind of come to instant film especially if

they’ve just started getting into it approaching it like it’s digital photography.

so most of us shoot digital photography these days. if it’s on a camera or our phone and there are so many options that you have there.

there’s amazing dynamic range which is how much light the camera can capture.

you can crop your photo afterward. You can edit it, you can add filters, you can brighten darken all sorts of stuff not so with instant film.

you get one shot and if you mess it up that shots messed up and you have to try again. you can’t fix it afterward.

with instant film you want to take your time to get it right the first time, you slow down but that I think is the beauty of the instant film is that it really makes you slow down and consider every shot.

you can’t take a hundred photos in one place that would be a huge amount of film that you’d have to go through.

really really work to slow yourself down use your brain think what’s the best way can capture this scene on my instant film.

and I think when you approach it differently in that way you’re really getting the full benefit of instant film.


12 Share the photos for better feeling and memory

finally one mistake I think people make and I really hope that you especially will fix this one is not giving the photos away.

there are so many great things about the instant film. but the one that always gives me the most joy is when I give those photos to someone else.

When you give it to someone, you’ll see just how amazing it is to share that photo that tangible photo that comes out. it’s like magic creates connections with other people.

give it to your loved ones give it to your friends give it to strangers on the street.

honestly, I think if you just go out and try to do more of that with instant film, it will just bring you so much happiness to other people. it’s one of the things I love the most about this.

13. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds After taking shots

I’m going to start with my first tip and when I take the picture or want to have someone take a picture for me I tell them to say go like when they’re going to take the pictures. but then wait three seconds.

so I just recommend that you guys take um say go wait like one or two seconds and then click the picture cuz there’s always that one person that moves.

you just want to make sure that everyone is in position and no one is going to move right before  you click that button. because you’ll link like it once and then the picture comes right out.

14. Always aware of surrounding light

okay so now moving on to next. this tip is to make sure that when you’re taking the Polaroid picture that the light is coming in front of the object and the light is not behind of the object.

when the picture was taking and the flash was coming from the front this way the picture turned down black you can barely see the people in the picture.

when you can kind of see a little bit better but you can’t the picture still turned out black so make sure that the light is coming from the front and not the back of the picture.

15. The Room light fact

another tip that I like to do if there’s too much light in the room and because like the flash would always go off, if it is Instax mini 8 or 9, no matter what doesn’t even depend on the setting.

they send the flash will always go off and if you think the flash is not necessary or is too much light in the room instead of just taking a picture and covering the flush with your finger.

then be sure like with my experienced picture turns out to be a little bit yellow.

so you want to cover it like with make sure the flash is covered completely. When I took my picture and then it’ll be fine.

16. Check the Number of film

sometimes the counter for some reason doesn’t work or says the wrong number and you think there’s more Polaroid films in there that then what the numbers are telling you.

so instead of Oprah opening this cover to check if there’s one left because I will ruin your filming they tell you do not open this cover just take oh I guess a sample picture to make sure that there’s something left before you move on to the next pack.

so I like to take a picture in maybe something that I wanted to take a picture of before but I didn’t get the chance to.

so I put the camera to take the picture for that as if I was going to take a picture. if something comes out then I guess there’s was something left and then yes you get a nice picture out of it instead of like just pointing it anywhere and taking a picture.

and if nothing comes out, then you’re out of the film.

17. Save your price by getting Bigger Packs

my last tip is to never buy the small packs film that just comes with ten. but it turns out to be more expensive.

I recommend buying the bigger packs when it comes in two packs maybe the 20 Polaroid pack or even the 60 Polaroid pack those tend to be a little bit cheaper.

if you get them on Amazon or you can do what I did I bought little fun Polaroid packs. these haven’t designs around them you can get like the regular white ones if you want.

so kind of ending on a mushy note there but I really mean that so I hope you go start giving some of this stuff away.

and if you found some of this helpful feel free to leave a comment if there are other mistakes that you think are made with instant the film.

One of the great things about instant photography,  it is scan well with the camera. so, you just have to  be aware of shooting that’s all.

so we can all learn together.Bookmark this website if you like instant film and just photography in general. we do a lot of very fun stuff here have an awesome day and happy photographing.

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