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Hey guys today I am talking about shooting tip of Instax square SQ 6 instant camera.It is a Brand new instant camera  of Fujifilm instax square line and Which shoots square film.It is the first analogue camera which is Awesome. Capture the Memory Instantly with Instant square SQ 6 Camera. Follow the simple tips and tricks of SQ 6 camera to get amazing photos.

Here you only get Instax square  SQ 6 tips and trick for better capture. I hope this will help you get those precious moment that might you will never have again.

What are you Going to get SQ 6  tips and tricks is that:

    • How to select Different kind of mode
    • Controlling auto flash or flash suppressing
    • Variety use of  shooting mode
    • benefit of auto flash or automatic exposure control
    • How to use self timer or auto timer 
  • Tips and tricks of using Selfie mode & selfie mirror, macro mode, landscape mode ,double exposure mode and l&d mode with shooting guides.

    What best this camera is very cool is that  it shoots Instax square film and it’s kind of like traditional polaroid format. it is little bit smaller than original polaroid.

    What comes with this analog feature ?

    That is a interesting part is that Instax Square SQ6  comes with a lot of feature which you can control manually as you want. so that’s why it’s called analog Square SQ6 instant camera.

    as you can dominant of the features of this  instant square camera, every image with be like a memory to everyone.  

    AutoFlash is the great feature  comes with this camera, because sometimes the photographer don’t want to use it.

    Ok now let’s talk about the function of instax square SQ6 camera.

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    Taking Pictures with Various Shooting Modes – Instax Square SQ6

    so we’re going to go through the different buttons in the back of the camera so there’s three of have your mode button, self-timer, and Flash button which literally  means no flash. Just look at this back button and start shooting with me!!!

    Instax Square SQ6 Modes

    Instax Square SQ6 Modes

    Taking Pictures without Using the Flash (Flash Suppressing)

    Starting with the bottom of these button, the flash button here is actually to force the camera not to use a flash. so if you know that you don’t want the camera to fire the flash you want to force it not to go off then you just press on this button. then you see a little LED is going to light up. that means that the flash is not going to fire off.

    Flash Suppressing or prevent flash Button

    It is the bottom one of the Square  SQ 6 Camera is Flash suppressing button. When the button is pressed , this will start work with this feature. So it will Stop auto flash so that you can use it as you don’t need flash light. Lot of people comes with that issue talking about autoflash problems.

    Select this where using the flash is prohibited or when you want to shoot without the flash in a bright place.

    Flash Suppressing Instax square sq 6

    Flash Suppressing Instax square sq 6

    • Press the flash suppressing button.
    • The LED on the button will light up and pressing the shutter button will not let the flash fire.
    • Flash suppressing is retained even after pressing the shutter button. To cancel, press the flash suppressing button.
    • Depending on the lighting conditions, the picture may look bluish-green, reddish, or darker or lighter than       expected.
    • We recommend you use a tripod when it is dark.

    And if you don’t push it back, it will stay off as you go and take pictures. so to disable that you actually need to push it again. that way it comes back to automatic.

    How to use Self-timer Mode

    the next or middle three of them button is the self timer button. so this is actually really useful like I said. when you want to take group shots or if you want to shoot landscape for example on a tripod and you don’t want the camera to move.

    so when you press on it. the little LED is going to light up and then in the front light is going to open up and then it’s going to stay open for seven seconds ( 7s ). then the three remaining seconds it’s going to be blinking letting you know that in three seconds the picture is actually going to be shot. so this is really cool in the front up there to let you know when to actually force your eyes to stay open.

    That is the most fun feature of instax line because most of the Camera does not have this cool feature.

    Tips, If you think you want to use self timer mode – The other mode like Auto Flash , Double exposure , Landscape – you can use all mode with self timer. This is more memorable part of the feature come with.

    Selecting a Shooting Mode

    The last button is actually your mode button. so you are going to use this button whenever you want to switch from the different modes up top back of the Instax Square SQ6 Camera.

    Each time you press the MODE button, the shooting mode changes as follows.

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 1

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 1

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 2

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 2

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 3

    Selecting a Shooting Mode 3

    Taking a photo does not change the settings. When you change a mode, it will stay as long as you turn     this off manually.  So if you want to change the mode, you should be aware of this.

    And interesting part of this that, you don’t need to select twice for every mode once you select one. After taking the photo, you should moderate the settings or mode manually. Eventually the photo will come as you like the way it.

    If you think, you are not able to change the mode feature manually then turn the camera off. It will erase the previous function. After that turn the instant square SQ6 camera on and start with beginning.

    Turning the power off returns to Auto. This is the other function of this. Sometimes people think “when they turn the camera off, the camera will save the previous feature mode with that” Its wrong. The instant Square SQ6 does not save the previous feature as you think. When you turn the power off, It will erase every memory.

    That’s mean when you start the power on, it will start with beginning and you have to shoot your picture with analog feature.

    • In a dark place, the slow shutter may automatically be used. Hold the camera securely to prevent camera     shake.

    The background may look bluish-green or reddish depending on the lighting condition.  So be careful of the lighting and it is one of the most funny adventure also. If you can absorb the surrounding light while taking instant photo, the output will be amazing. It is great instant tips for beginners.

    How to use Automatic Exposure Control

    so the first one A is actually automatic. so it’s really just a point-and-shoot you just go you take a picture and then that’s it. it’s going to do everything for you.

    Automatic Exposure Control

    Automatic Exposure Control

    How to select Automatic Exposure Control Mode ?

    On the back of the camera with the Mode sign is the Mode button. After getting the Instant SQ6 Camera on-  First select the mode button, then it will automatically select the Automatic Exposure Control which comes with A sign with the line of other mode.

    Why should you use it?

    Automatic Exposure Control is most popular feature of all kind of device even in mobile device has this feature or function. This feature do adjust the color and light automatically for you while you take photo in evening, day, morning or rainy as well the weather is cloudy.

    You can use auto exposure mode like an Expert Instant Photographer. It will help to get best instant photo as you want and you can save your instant film ruing using Automatic Exposure Control Mode.

    Select for normal photography.
    • As the flash fires with slow shutter (slow synchro) in a dark place, the background is photographed brightly.

    How to use Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

    How to start the selfie mode ?

    Press the mode button twice after starting the camera to go to selfie mode OR If you already are at the Automatic Exposure Control mode then press one more to go to the selfie mode.

    How to use selfie mode ?

    if you move on to the next mode is actually the selfie mode assigned with person holding the instant camera. When you press for selfie mode, you will see the lens moved, so this is actually adjusting focus for less distance. because it’s actually going to be somewhat of a close-up shot.

    so whenever you’re on the selfie mode, you need to have the camera within 30 to 50 centimeters to be in focus.  so if I take a picture using this little mirror, then you can see the image fully processed in them back magically.

    Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

    Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

    You can take a self portrait using the self portrait mirror. Just apply an appropriate brightness and shooting distance for self portrait.

    First, Hold the camera securely keeping 30 cm to 50 cm between you and the edge of the lens. Hold the camera securely especially in a dark place, to prevent blurring.

    Then, Confirm the composition using the self-portrait mirror, then take a photo.

    Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

    Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

    • When you take a photo, do not look at the flash; otherwise, an after glow may interfere with your view   temporarily.
    • If you press the shutter button while the flash is charging, the shutter release will not trip.


    You can use self timer and flash suppressing button in selfie mode to get more perfect photo. If you think that you don’t need the flash, then just press the flash suppressing button to prevent the flash while taking selfie.

    To take selfie with timer just wait for blinking light for at last 3 seconds and ready to capture the selfie.

    Selfie Mirror

    Like the other Instax it has selfie mirror too. In Square sq6, Selfie mirror have with more attractive design.  You can use selfie mirror to take perfect photo and that is also handy.

    Instax sq6 Selfie Mirror

    Instax sq6 Selfie Mirror

    Just watch to the selfie mirror of your gesture if you are fit in and take the shot. that’s it.

    How to shoot with Macro Mode ?

    What is Macro Mode ?

    Macro mode is another feature comes with Instax square SQ6 camera. If you want to capture close up images then it is the great feature to use.

    How to use Macro Mode ?

    Just Press the mode button three times after starting the camera to go to selfie mode OR If you already are at the Selfie mode then press one more to go to the Macro mode. It is assigned with flower to recognize.

    Macro Mode

    Macro Mode

    OK, next up is going to be your macro mode so again it’s 30 to 50 centimeters. if you want to take close-up shots, but one thing to keep in mind taking macro shots is that you have a parallax situation. 

    Select when shooting a subject at close range (30-50 cm). Hold the camera so that the “O” mark in the viewfinder is on the upper right of the center of the subject (see the illustration above), then take a photo.

    Why You should use Macro Mode ?

    In the normal mode, you can not get picture like below as Macro Mode. If you shoot normal mode, it would look like that photo shoots from far distance. Actually you don’t get the closer shot. You can see the different between normal mode and Macro Mode.

    Macro Mode

    Macro Mode

    these images is taken from instax mini 90. So be careful, when you capture image with macro mode, then just be aware of distance which I said within a range of 30cm – 50cm. If you want more tips with Macro mode like Parallax or center shot and variety use of macro mode, then click the link below.

    Go to details of Macro Mode Tips And Tricks

    Landscape Mode

    Landscape Mode

    Landscape Mode

    next up is the little mountain icon there this is actually from two meters to infinity (2m – ∞). So it adjust the focus for that so whenever you shoot something that’s far away you want to put it in this mode to make sure everything is in focus.

    Landscape Mode

    Landscape Mode

    Select when shooting a distant subject (2 m~∞).

    When to use Landscape Mode ?

    When you shoot 2 meter or more distance photo. It could be road, may be you stand up with the road, Beautiful view of nature as well as bird or animal, crowd with people.

    When you try to get whole bunch of group photo. Suppose you are at the friend party or wedding or birthday party event. There are might be 10 or more people want to capture that event together. So that’s the perfect moment to capture the memory with Instax square sq 6 instant camera.

    Event photo to Capture all of the frame. This is another important part of this Landscape Mode. Just don’t forget to get in the picture of whole light and focus. Because It will get what the view can find or absorb to the frame.

    Remember to focus everything to get most of element in the picture.

    Go to details of How to Use Landscape Mode in Different Situation

    Double Exposure Mode

    Double Exposure Mode

    Double Exposure Mode

    The next mode is actually really cool this is Double exposures. so it’s going to allow you to take two pictures. so when you press the shutter button, it won’t eject the film. it will let you shoot out of the picture. It is the funnest mode of all the feature.

    How to capture Double Exposure Photo ?

    In short take the first shot. After taking the first shot take the second one. that’s it. Remember the first one will be the background with little opacity and the second one will appear at front. That’s really easy.

    so that can give you a lot to play. So when you take the first picture, you can see the picture is not coming out and low LED will be blinking on top. so You need to take the second picture. then you see it will ejects the picture and you can see magically appearing in the back.

    In the below here are two photo that combine with awesome one. First, the girl was taken after that the ground with flower was taken shot. Then the output was the right side of the images. Double Exposure  is really nice feature ever t

    Double Exposure images - Instax SQ6

    Double Exposure images – Instax SQ6

    2 subjects are photographed in one picture. When you shoot the first subject, the LED on will flash.
    After that, shoot the second.

    Go to details of Double Exposure Mode

    Lighten & Darken Modes

    Lighten Mode Tips sq6

    Once again so the next mode would be lighter. so if you want your image to be somewhat brighter than what it should be. you would put it to lighter so it will give you an somewhat overexposed image.

    another way you can use this mode is actually when you’re using these little filters here. Because when you put it in front of the flash, it actually diffuse the the flash itself and gives it less power. so you want that your image should be a little bit overexposed.

    so talking about these gels, for getting different colors of output, you just take it and you just pop it on to your flash. Select to lighten the picture if photos are coming out too dark.  

    Darken Mode Tips sq6

    the last mode is actually darken. so the same principle, rather than having the correct or perfect exposure it’s gonna bring it down a little bit. so if you want to get somewhat of a darker looking image low-key image or you know that the scene is just too bright. then you can put it to darken that way your image is going to be a little bit underexposed.Select to darken the picture if photos are coming out too bright.

    Here is the difference among darken, lighten and normal modes.

    Lighten & Darken Tips square Sq6

    Lighten & Darken Tips square Sq6


    OK, Just before I finish, I want to show you these Flash Filters. Because this like I said is the first time these have been included with one of the instax cameras. So basically it just pops over the flash it’s easy and then when the flash fires it’s going to have a red color if you use red filter to it. it kind of makes your whole photo red.

    Instax Square SQ6 Flash Colors

    Instax Square SQ6 Flash Colors

    It’s definitely really for more creative looks. but you kind of have three to play with and I think especially with the double exposure mode you could get some really fun results. So that’s really cool that these are included to just kind of wanted to show you how that worked.

    all right, I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you a good little look at what you’re getting with this camera I would really like to know which type of feature you like most of this camera. Do you like the Double Exposure or  do you like the Selfie mode or do you like the Flash Suppressed.

    I find it’s definitely personal preference but I am curious to know which one you guys like the best. Alright thank you so much for keeping with me and happy instant photographing.


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    There are lot of features in Instax Camera. Every camera has their own unique quality and settings. But what suits you best and what feature do you like most or do you like mini , square or wide format. There are lot of confusion might come to before buying the camera.

    After buying the Instax camera, you always look for another feature that might not have that particular camera. Then you regret for that.

    So I have researched all of the Instax camera and discussed all the camera individually so that you can understand better which one is better for you to buy.

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